Christmas Jobs Medway 2017

Christmas Jobs Medway – Seasonal Opportunities In Chatham, Gillingham And Rochester 2017

This page is our Christmas jobs Medway towns feature. Yourcounty has been providing general Christmas vacancy information for Kent and the surrounding areas for about ten years. During this time user feedback has played an important part in the development of our content and we welcome your comments.

This is a page under constant improvement and we welcome submissions from employers that undertake seasonal recruitment for free inclusion . Our contact details are at the bottom of the page. This is the link to our main jobs in Medway page.

Christmas Jobs Medway

We have run a successful Xmas vacancies in Kent feature since 2003, we recently added a Christmas jobs in London page and this Medway seasonal jobs is a natural development from those initiatives. The aim of this page is to give details of the biggest employers of seasonal staff in the area and provide some links to useful resources.

The first Christmas jobs Medway start to be advertised in September. Many of the plum jobs will have been filled by the start of November. There are however new vacancies coming on stream until the New Year. Aside the multinationals many local businesses need extra help at this time of year, but not all have formal recruitment structures. This is one way in which the local Jobcentre plus comes into its own. It generally has a large number of temporary and casual work opportunities. As a general rule the prime jobs attract the greatest competition.

If you’re actually looking for a permanent job, a seasonal appointment with your desired employer may present a real chance Temporary Christmas to get some experience that may lead to a permanent job in due course. Employers seeking temporary or seasonal staff for 2017 are likely to include:

Christmas Jobs Medway

  • Argos – One of the big winners in the Christmas shopping stakes, this means that they need to appoint several thousand temporary staff across the country at Christmas.
  • Seasonal contracts with Asda normally last for eight weeks although this is open to discussion, you don’t have to re-apply once you’ve worked on a temporary basis. There are thousands of extra jobs each Christmas, most vacancies on the front line in-store. Asda have a very good track record in offering casual staff permanent contracts.
  • Boots – One of the biggest employers of seasonal retail staff, the organisation starts the publish vacancy details during the summer months. Most positions are for Customer Assistants. Successful applicants get training and get many of the benefits of permanent staff. Speaking of permanent staff, many Christmas employees are offered permanent contracts if they make a good impression. Along with Debenhams Boots are among the first to start their Christmas recruitment campaigns, expect to see vacancies advertised from August onwards. Opportunities published on their own recruitment website, jobcentre plus and other employment forums.
  • Civil Service Jobs – There’s not much of a call for temporary Christmas contracts in the Civil Service however they do award temporary contracts for a range of functions. Jobs of any kind have been few and far between over the last couple of years, always worth checking out their websites.
Christmas jobs Medway
Literally thousands of Christmas jobs Medway
  • Iceland – As many as three thousand extra staff recruited at Christmas.
  • KFC – Temporary or permanent Christmas jobs Medway, details through the website.
  • Matalan – Temporary retail work in many town and cities across the UK. If you fit in you could think about applying for a permanent job.
  • Next – Christmas jobs working for this High Street retailer available in Medway, experience or an interest in fashion would be a significant advantage.
  • Parcleforce – Season jobs in logistics and dispatch. Among their 52 depots nationwide there is also one in 8-13 Chieftain Close at Gillingham Business Park.
  • Pizza Express – Most Christmas jobs on the front line – waiters, waitresses, chefs and cleaners, excellent website with full details.
  • Post Office – This year there are 16,000 to 17,000 vacancies for short term seasonal and casual work.
  • Primark – Retail work with one of the biggest names on the high street.
  • Royal Mail – There were 16,000 Christmas vacancies in 2016 needed to deal with the 100% increase in the workload. Nearly ten applications received for each post so it’s very competitive. There is an initial online test, even for temporary and seasonal contracts, it’s not overly hard but you will increase your chances greatly if you do a little research beforehand.
  • Toysrus – Up to 4,000 Christmas vacancies across the country, including the Medway store.
  • Tragus – (now the Casual Dining Group) Owners of about 280 restaurants have extra staffing requirements at Christmas.
  • Wetherspoon – Temporary staff being recruited from late September all the way through to December. You’ll need to apply on a pub by pub basis. Can be a platform from which to get a full time post.

Feedback & Disclaimer Christmas Jobs Medway

We check all of our features for accuracy and relevance on a regular basis, however changes will occur and copy can become out of date. We really welcome your feedback. If you’d like to submit a Medway employer that may have Christmas jobs please email us at If you have any questions please see our disclaimer.

Christmas Jobs Bromley

Christmas Jobs Bromley 2017

We feature some help and resources connected with temporary and seasonal work in the London Borough of Bromley on this page. Christmas jobs London can be found here. We have been running Xmas vacancy information for nearly a decade. We highlight some of the opportunities available, supporting this with general advice and links to relevant resources. We also like to add some value by sharing our own research and user experience of specific Christmas employment opportunities. If you have some first hand knowledge, either good and bad, we are happy to receive submissions for inclusion on this, our Christmas jobs Bromley page.

This link if you want the main Bromley jobs page. The general advice for seasonal work is to do some research and apply early. The jobs offering the best pay and conditions will be the first to go and the better prepared you are, the greater your chances will be. Don’t underestimate the competition. Despite the falling unemployment rates at the time of writing good Christmas jobs get cherry picked by the best applicants that are well prepared.

Christmas Jobs Bromley

We have been publishing Kent based Xmas vacancies for more years than I care to remember, and there will be some useful information there for local job seekers. The purpose of this feature is to list twenty to thirty of the largest employers of seasonal staff in Bromley, Beckenham, Orpington, Penge and the surrounding area. The recruitment of Christmas staff begins in September, gathers pace in October, peaking in the first week of November. It gradually starts to decline in mid-December although there are some vacancies for staff over the Christmas New Year period, the January sales lead to increased retail activity but most of the vacancies will be filled by staff working in the run up to Christmas.

Finding a Christmas Job Bromley

Some SME employers need extra help at Christmas but may not have formal recruitment structures in place, many businesses still put signs in their window advertising vacancies. Delivering CV’s by hand to potential employers can still be a useful way of getting an interview.

Jobcentre plus always features a large number of seasonal jobs, it’s always worth checking them out. Temporary Christmas work can be a useful way to get some experience with an employer as a basis to land a full time job in the new year. If you’re already in work and are looking for a part time Christmas job in additions to your regular employment, there are opportunities for reduced, bank and flexible hour contracts. Amongst the employers seeking temporary or seasonal staff during 2017 are likely to be:

  • Argos is an established and an easily recognizable high street retailer with a very particular business model known to most people. Most large towns have at least one store. Hundreds of extra staff are recruited in the Christmas season.
  • Asda is just one of the supermarket chains that recruits significant numbers of staff at Christmas. There is some basic training and contracts of about eight months duration are offered. Casual staff can be invited back year after year and may also get the chance for a full time permanent role. It is pretty good and reliable Christmas work.
  • Bromley Healthcare – Some community health services in the Bromley area have been provided by Bromley Healthcare since April 2011. The care sector is a big recruiter of temporary and casual staff 12 months a year. There are often opportunities to cover staff holidays in the Christmas season, but you’ll need to be recruited and trained before December. Ideally apply at the start of October to be sure of being in post by December.
  • Debenhams –  Nationally the retailer usually recruits several thousand Christmas people to cover the extra Christmas shopping and January sales workload. You’ll need to get started on your application as soon as possible as their recruitment starts during August. They have vacancies for full time, part time and flexi hour contracts.
  • Gumtree offers a comprehensive temporary Christmas job section, job details start to appear in significant numbers. You can search the service for seasonal vacancies in the London Borough of Bromley or any geographic area with the use of keywords.
  • Iceland – Between two and a half and three and a half thousand employees are typically recruited each Christmas, a significant number for branches in the South East.
  • KFC – Both full time and part time workers are recruited at Christmas. The business has developed communications and recruitment channels so most of the information you’ll need is available online. Do a little research before you apply, it will make a big difference to your chances of success.
Christmas jobs Bromley 2017
Literally thousands of Christmas jobs Bromley
  • Matalan – Temporary retail work in most stores is available, in common with the whole retail sector their workload goes through the roof in December and January.
  • Morrisons – Seasonal jobs are usually available, watch the website and make a good quality application as soon as Christmas jobs are advertised.
  • Next – If you need some extra cash at and have interested in fashion? The Bromley Next store usually take on seasonal staff in November and December.
  • O2 -Extra staff are normally recruited at peak times, experience in telecoms phone or technology sales can only help your chances, check out the excellent recruitment website from October onwards.
  • Pizza Express – One of the most successful of the UK Pizza restaurant chains, the menu goes far beyond just the basic Italian favourites. They usually have a number of seasonal vacancies typically for waiting staff and chefs. The website holds lots of useful recruitment details as well as the current permanent and temporary vacancies.
  • Post Office – One of the biggest retailers in Europe, they do use short term contract staff over the winter months, check out their recruitment portal for details of 2013 vacancies..
  • Royal Mail are one of the largest recruiters of temporary seasonal staff in the UK, you can usually find jobs anywhere there is a sorting office. Postmen and post women vacancies are also plentiful at Christmas time. The number of letters delivered doubles during December. There is usually an online recruitment test before you will be interviewed. Do a little research before you take the test!
  • Sainsburys – This retail chain is expected to have over 14,000 Christmas jobs in 2017. Most jobs are in-store but some opportunities are i distribution centres. Watch the recruitment website carefully and apply as soon as you see a n opportunity you would like to apply for.
  • Starbucks – Start checking their recruitment portal from October onwards. A successful short term appointment would make a significant impact on your chances of securing a permanent jobs. This is a firm able to offer employment opportunities from apprenticeship through to middle and senior management roles.
  • Tesco – If you are considering Christmas jobs Bromley with Tesco you should start checking the recruitment website from the start of October onwards. Most large branches will offer temporary short term contracts in several different retail areas.
  • Toysrus – If you have a branch near you they will almost certainly be increasing staff numbers in the run up to Christmas, it is after all their busiest time of year. Across they UK you can expect to see around 3,100 temporary vacancies to be filled.
  • Wetherspoon – Pubs and clubs are traditionally busiest in December and January, Weatherspoons is no exception. Most vacancies are in customer facing roles.

Christmas Jobs Bromley – Feedback & The Yourcounty Disclaimer

We aspire to publish relevant and up to date information regarding seasonal employers in the London Borough of Bromley on this page. We check our content regularly but if you find any errors on the Christmas job Bromley page please let us know. We welcome your feedback. If you’d like to recommend a local employer let us know. Please see our disclaimer.

Christmas Jobs Kent 2017

Part Time And Full Time Christmas Jobs Kent 2017

Welcome to the Christmas jobs Kent 2017 page. The goal of this feature is to provide help and links to relevant resources for job seekers looking for temporary seasonal jobs. It is nearly fifteen years since we first published seasonal job pages, the aim then was similar to the one we have today, quite simply to highlight Christmas jobs in Kent and the surrounding areas. There are literally hundreds of potential Christmas employers around, it’s beyond the scope of this page to feature them all. We aim to highlight the largest seasonal recruiters in the area and provide some general guidance to get you started.

Our Christmas jobs Kent 2017 feature is on this page, follow this link for our main local employment resources, it holds links to hundreds of organisations and thousands of vacancies. Follow these links for Christmas jobs In Medway and seasonal vacancies in Bromley and London.

One of the ways we add value to our coverage is to highlight user experience and share them with our audience so if you want to provide some feedback regarding any of the seasonal employers on this page or any other Christmas jobs you’ve had that were particularly good or bad get we would welcome your feedback.

The rush for Christmas employment 2017 will start almost as soon as the summer holidays ends. The big recruiters of casual Christmas workers start to make announcements during August and the actual recruitment begins soon afterwards.

According to the British Retail Consortium around three quarters of retail businesses expect to recruit extra staff this Christmas. This isn’t the only sector to think about in terms of temporary Christmas employment but it does suggest where most of the vacancies may occur.

Christmas Jobs Kent 2017 – Think Local!

We highlight some of the biggest recruiters of seasonal staff below, however there are many more opportunities with local independent firms in your area, many of them will be filled simply by suitable candidates who have submitted a CV in good time. If you have gone to the trouble of producing an excellent curriculum vitae make sure you don’t miss out on local employment opportunities.

Seasonal Work

We’ve published links to many of the biggest employers of temporary seasonal staff below but this list is just a start. Many small independent companies recruit extra staff during; November, December and January, not all of these vacancies are published and businesses may rely on personal networks for recruitment. Many sectors of the economy benefit from an upturn in business at this time of year the most obvious examples are retailers and entertainment and hospitality. So as well as shops , bars and restaurants you can also think a little bit out of the box, where are the secondary beneficiaries? How about taxi and delivery companies, there is going to be a greater need for warehousing and distribution capacity, clothes hire and fancy dress, restaurant staff , internal and external catering, the list is extensive. For example Amazon recruits thousands of seasonal staff in the build up to Christmas (many eventually retained on permanent contracts).

Christmas jobs Kent 2017
Literally thousands of Christmas jobs Kent 2017

The Universal Job search can be a useful starting point or you can actually visit your local Job centre, they will have a large number of local vacancies and can provide a significant amount of general information.If you’re looking for a permanent job starting at Christmas you might consider taking a temporary job to get your feet under the table. Not all Christmas jobs are 9 to 5, full time affairs, some employers may be looking for weekend staff or employees to cover extended opening hours, it really depends on the specific needs of each employer. Don’t underestimate the importance of presentation even for temporary Christmas jobs, the best vacancies will attract lots of interest from candidates. If the first stage of your application is through your own CV, online form or traditional paper application make it of the highest quality, you are competing against the applicants.

The information we include below for Christmas jobs Kent 2017 include some of the most important recruiters, this is just a small sample, if you would like to recommend other employers of temporary staff operating in Kent please get in touch:

  • In talking about Christmas jobs Kent 2017 we should mention Amazon. About 13,000 vacancies are being created, primarily at the eight fulfilment centres (Marston Gate, Doncaster, Peterborough, Rugely, Hemel Hempstead, Swansea, Glenrothes and Gourock).
  • Typically Argos have over 3,000 seasonal jobs, that translates to nearly one thousand in the South East region. In Argos like many of the other large retailers, a Christmas jobs may lead to a permanent position. Recruitment typically carried out through their own in house website which provides comprehensive recruitment help.
  • The leading supermarkets are among the biggest employers of seasonal (Christmas) staff. Asda is no exception they take on thousands of extra recruits every year in November and December. There is some basic training and once you successfully complete a contract you may be invited back again and again. It is also a great opportunity to gain experience ahead of an application for a full-time role. Many of Asda’s seasonal staff go on to permanent jobs and even become part of the graduate recruitment scheme.
  • One of the biggest retailers in Kent is Boots, This high street retailer of pharmacy, health and beauty products recruits extra staff every Christmas to deal with the increased workload. Most seasonal vacancies in Kent are working in store helping customers or supporting those that do. Hours will typically be retail hours but in the run up to the holiday season these can be seven days a week and many stores are likely to be open later.
  • Christmas is a great time of year to find opportunities in the hospitality sector. Compass is one of the big employers of seasonal and casual staff, At the time of our last visit there were jobs as: Stadium Staff, all grades of chefs, racecourse staff, Wembley Arena Staff, portering work, event waiting staff, bar staff, bakers and pastry chefs on the website.
  • Debenhams – There are several stores in Kent that are likely to recruit extra staff, these include the Folkestone store on the Sandgate Road, Debenhams Westwood Cross, the Canterbury store in the city centre on Guildhall Street, Elwick Road in Ashford, Chatham High Street and the stores in Gravesend, Orpington and Bromley. Jobs are likely to be filled on a first come first served basis, so make a brilliant application as soon as you can. Debenhams Christmas jobs often include part time, and flexi hour contracts.
  • Dominos Pizza – Recruits people for a range of roles, not all vacancies require previous experience: Store Manager, Assistant Manager, Customer Service Operator, Delivery Driver, Delivery Routing Supervisor, Pizza Chef and Pizza Oven Tender.
  • Christmas jobs at Gumtree. This can be a great resource for people looking for temporary work. We have reliable feedback from people that have found jobs, often at short notice. There are some common sense rules about applying for work through Gumtree, first and foremost most genuine employers will not ask for money from applicants. Take a look at the T&Cs on the websites.
  • H Samuel regularly recruit staff to work in their Kent stores which (at the time of writing)  could be found at: County Square – Ashford, Broadway Shopping Centre – Bexleyheath, Lower Rose Gallery – Bluewater, The Glades Centre – Bromley, Whitefriars Shopping Centre – Canterbury, 2-4 Military Road – Chatham, 37 Sandgate Road – Folkestone, Hempstead Valley Centre – Gillingham, Chequers Shopping Centre – Maidstone, 81 High Street – Sheerness, 45 High Street – Sittingbourne, Westwood Cross – Thanet.
  • Iceland regularly employ casual staff, we’ve had no feedback on the terms and conditions that they provide so we’d welcome your thoughts if you have experience of Iceland with regards Christmas jobs Kent 2017.
  • John Lewis is one of the most highly regarded temporary employers. If you’re looking for a permanent position, a great way to get your foot in the door is to get a reference from a period of temporary employment. Two stores in Kent that we know recruit seasonal staff, the Bluewater store at John Lewis at Home in Tunbridge Wells which is based on the Kingstanding Business Park.
  • KFC – Check out the website for full recruitment details. Temporary or permanent Christmas work.
  • There are several hundred Marks & Spencer Christmas jobs Kent 2017 and thousands nationwide, nearly all in-store working as customer assistants or cafe assistants. Marks & Spencer typically offer contracts to the seasonal staff that perform best, up to 1 in 5 of their seasonal recruits are offered permanent contracts. Even on a temporary footing an employee can enjoy many of the benefits of permanent staff’ such as a 20% staff discount.
  • Matalan are amongst the county’s regular recruiters of casual staff, most vacancies will be in store, some retail experience would be an advantage. Stores that will be recruiting are likely to include, Matalan Canterbury set just on the outskirts of town at the Stour Retail Park (just next to the Park and Ride), the Dartford store in Prospect Place, Matalan Erith in Pier Road, the Maidstone Matalan in The Broadway Shopping Centre, the Strood store on the local Strood Retail Park and the new Matalan at Westwood Cross.
  • Morrisons Christmas jobs or temporary posts can be accessed through our own local pages or visit the Morrisons recruitment website direct.
  • Next – Apply early for Next jobs! If you’re looking for a Christmas jobs in retail watch the website for vacancy details or drop a CV in your local store around the beginning of October (if you want to stand out).
  • There are generally some Christmas jobs with O2 largely connected to High Street retail, visit the O2 – Telfonica recruitment website.
  • Parcleforce are recruiters of extra staff at Christmas in a number of roles that can include: Collection and Delivery Drivers, Customer Service Agents, Indoor Depot Sorters, Hub Operatives and Sales Staff.
  • Pizza Express rely heavily on seasonal staff, they do publish vacancy details on their website but if I wanted a job there I’d take my CV round with a covering letter before the recruitment drive begins.
  • Pizza Hut – You can expect the Xmas recruitment 2017 to start in November, be prepared for some hard work, most Pizza Hut restaurants are fully booked over the festive season.
  • Primark – Retail work for a growing high street success story, Primark are going from strength to strength and they always need extra staff at Christmas.
  • Royal Mail – A traditional and significant employer of seasonal staff, 19,000 jobs in 2014. Despite the increase in digital communications the workload of the Royal Mail increases by about 100% during December. About 8 people apply for every seasonal post so you need to make the best possible impression to have a chance. Sign up to the website and do a little research into the recruitment process before taking the suitability tests. Once you have completed a temporary contract you might find it simpler to gain employment in future years.
  • Sainsburys is now one of the biggest recruiters of seasonal staff, 2017 is likely to see a total of 15,000 extra people employed at Christmas. I have only seen vacancies published through their website, would love to know if it’s worthwhile leaving a copy of a CV with your local store. Any feedback gratefully received.
  • Starbucks depend on part time and seasonal staff to help them deal with peaks in their activity, you may have noticed that the shop is particularly popular with people undertaking their Christmas shopping. Seasonal jobs at most Kent branches including: Canterbury Sainsburys, Canterbury Burgate in the Buttermarket, Folkestone’s Starbucks in Bouviere Place, Ashford High Street, Maidstone Village Hotel, Tunbridge Wells branch in 30 Calverley Road, the Tonbridge Starbucks in the High Street, Bluewater’s very own Starbucks, the Broadway branch in Bexleyheath, there is also an outlet in West Wickham and three in Bromley including The Glades. Successfully complete the seasonal contract and you’ll instantly improve your chances for longer term employment opportunities.
  • Superdrug are a regular recruiter of seasonal staff in November and December.
  • Tesco offer eight week temporary contracts for seasonal (Christmas) employment, nationally they recruit thousands of people every year for the Christmas rush. Seasonal staff receive training, once appointed they may be invited to return in future years and it is is a great platform from which to apply for a permanent job.
  • Toysrus – Santa’s little helpers generally increase their national workforce by about 4,000 every year, for specific store vacancies you’ll need to visit the website.
  • Tragus – You may not be familiar with the name Tragus but you’ve almost certainly heard of some of the businesses they run such as: Café Rouge, Bella Italia, Strada and Belgo. This group employs close to 8,000 people running 300 UK restaurants across the UK. Several outlets in Kent, most in the larger towns and cities.
  • Waitrose – Is part of JLP group, visit the website for seasonal recruitment information and general terms and conditions for temporary and permanent staff. They are a highly regarded employer of temporary staff able to offer full time contracts to outstanding employees at the successful completion of their casual contract.
  • Wetherspoons offer part time and full time vacancies in many parts of the country in the winter. The pub chain now has nearly 900 outlets and over a billion pounds of annual sales. There are (at the time of writing) 22 outlets in Kent and each of them is likely to see a significant increase in custom during December.

Christmas Jobs Kent 2017 – User Feedback & Disclaimer

We strive to ensure the information on this page is relevant and up to date, we do check the content regularly but if you see any omissions or errors let us know. This isn’t a complete or exhaustive directory of Christmas jobs Kent 2017 and we welcome submissions of other employers for free inclusion on on these pages. Please see our disclaimer. If you have recent experience of any of the employers on this page that you’d like to share with our users you can simply drop us a line.