Army Jobs, Joining The Army Reserve

British Army Jobs, Joining The Army Reserve

At the outset it’s worth pointing out that the Army’s own website is a fantastic resource for anyone wanting to know more about a career in the Army. However our own page offers a slightly more impartial approach and adds some value by summarising many of the key points for job seekers. The Army Reserve resources that we point to are primarily local but if you follow the main Army Jobs links you’ll be able to access the national recruitment website. If you have recent experience of working in the British Army or Army Reserve and their respective recruitment processes we’d welcome your comments.

The British Army

The British Army began life in 1707 when England and Scotland were merged together to form Great Britain. Nonetheless the institution has carried on more or less continuously to this day. The British Army can be divided into two parts the regular army of full time professional troops and the Territorial Army.


There are a number of ways to enter the army but the first choice you will need to make is to become a soldier or an officer. Closely followed by what regiment and trade you want to pursue. Once decided a candidate moves on to thinking about a signing up in the regulars or territorials. There is a graduate entry path, this can include schemes where undergraduates are supported for part or all of their degree course. You’ll find more information about this and most other recruitment issues on the Army job website.

British Army jobs
British Army jobs

Army Jobs – Roles

There are literally hundreds of different army jobs in the armed force. For ease of explanation we can divide them up into a limited number of categories and give a flavour of the trades each category includes.

  • Combat Roles – Self explanatory, include jobs as diverse as tank commanders and dog handlers.
  • Engineering – Fitters, surveyors, carpenters, bomb disposal and much more.
  • Healthcare – Nurses, medical officers, vets, pharmacy, biomedical.
  • HR, Admin – Legal, financial, welfare, PT and instructors.
  • Intel, IT, Comms – Languages, intelligence, signals, electronic warfare.
  • Logistics, Support – Stores and supplies, prison, military police, driving
  • Music, Ceremonial – Musicians, Instructors, ceremonial gunners

Army 2020

If you’re thinking about an army job you need to look into the Army 2020 plans which are aimed at bringing about a dramatic transformation. Interestingly one of the big proposals is to split the traditional army into two forces: a Reaction Force and an Adaptive Force both of which would be supported by troops. In essence the Reaction Force will be the high capability rapid reaction combat and assault troops. Fuller details are available from the website.

Army Jobs – Benefits

If you’re looking to build a rewarding career then army jobs can give you regular chances for promotion and the challenge of extra responsibility. Some of benefits what you can expect are: Competitive pay, including pensions & allowances. There are great opportunities for travel as well as opportunities for pursuits and hobbies. Studies and training may lead to recognised qualifications of use inside the army as well as outside. There is also an education service able to provide support and encouragement for study and personal development. As part of their pastoral role the Army has a family service. This is able to offer servicemen and their families a wide range of, help, information and support.

Army Graduate Careers

The Army needs officers and soldiers who are professionally qualified. They can offer a number of schemes to allow candidates to complete studies and training before actually joining the Army.

Joining The Army Reserve

Throughout its history almost every major operation the British Army has been involved in has included Army Reserve soldiers. The Army Reserve is the largest of all the Reserve Forces The others being the Royal Naval Reserve (RNR), the Royal Marines Reserve (RMR) and the Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (RAFVR).

Covering the United Kingdom, the Army Reserve is divided into three types of unit; National, Regional and Sponsored. Anyone thinking of joining usually has a choice of at least two types of unit, depending on how far they are prepared to travel to attend training.

Local (Kent Based) Army Reserve Units

You may know that the armed forces are undergoing a period of great change. Some regiments are being merged and other units may end up disappearing altogether. At the time of writing Army Reserve units in Kent included Army Reserve Ashford (REME – Engineering) based at the Rowcroft Barracks, Army Reserve Bexleyheath (specialising in IT and telecommunications) based on , Watling Street. The Canterbury Army Reserve (The Tigers) can be found on The Sturry Road and are an infantry/band unit. There is also an infantry unit in Dover whilst the Maidstone Army Reserve units are engaged in logistics and medical services. Fort Clarence in Medway is home to engineering and infantry units while the Army Reserve group in Royal Tunbridge Wells is an engineering unit.

Army Jobs – Feedback & Disclaimer

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