Eurostar Jobs

Eurostar Jobs

Careers and Vacancies

Eurostar by its very nature is a dynamic and innovative place to work. Compared to most other railway concepts in Western Europe, the tunnel under the Channel is still a new and exciting project. Eurostar job advice, current vacancies and career help on this page, this link for more employers and jobs in Kent. The Eurostar concept is in essence a city to city transfer, crossing boundaries and natural obstacles seamlessly. Eurostar is organized (at the time of writing) within eight separate department that between them are the company. When you apply for Eurostar jobs you will in effect be applying to join one of eight business units.

Eurostar Business Units

  • Commercial – The department with responsibility to grow the business. That means not just sales and marketing but the whole company brand including strategic planning and the call centre. Most jobs in London, contact centre jobs in Ashford. French and Belgian sales and marketing departments in Paris and Brussels respectively.
  • Corporate And Legal Service – Is responsible for the security of the organisation and its operations, including liaison with contractors and national security organisations. They manage the property used by Eurostar, the fixed costs and leasing charges. Legal services are responsible for providing advice and guidance to the whole organisation.
  • Customer Services – Eurostar customer facing staff have a significant responsibility for ensuring customers have a positive experience at every point of contact with the company. A good understanding of English and French is essential. Jobs consist of contact centre work, face to face with customers at terminals or actually aboard the trains.
  • Finance – Eurostar’s finances are in the hands of three departments, Financial Accounting, Business Analysis and Financial Control.
  • Human Resources – Eurostar’s short term and long term business strategies are dependent on the employees of the company. In this way the HR function is crucial in building a successful career. HR is responsible for recruiting, retaining and supporting the best possible people available.
  • Information Systems – the company enjoys a good reputation for IS excellence. The whole business is underpinned by a combination of Microsoft, Oracle and Internet technologies.
  • International Operations – Responsibility for the overall punctuality, reliability and ultimately the safety of services. The Recruitment Process

Eurostar Jobs

There is ongoing recruitment at Eurostar, roles as diverse as train drivers and train managers, electricians, mechanics, engineers, customer service people and many behind the scenes office-based employees. Training is comprehensive, progression is encouraged and the benefits are great. For the full and current contact details visit our transport jobs feature. When you have identified a role that you wish to apply for complete the on line application, you may also be asked to submit a CV.

If your application is successful you are likely to be invited for an interview and assessment. The roles the company recruits for are so diverse that a wide range of assessment/interview techniques could be used including psychometric testing. For some vacancies your knowledge of French is also likely to be tested. Eurostar will provide a full briefing to candidates invited to assessment.

Eurostar jobs
Eurostar jobs

The Corporate Culture – Eurostar Jobs

If you intend to apply for a job you should do some research into the company. One of the key areas to consider is the published corporate culture. This will give you an insight into how the company works and what kind of people they might be looking for.

  • Be proud of Eurostar – Try to show through your application that you actually want to work specifically for the company. That you’re not just looking for a job but to join this company.
  • Think customer – Let your application show your commitment to customer service excellence.
  • Be one team – Convince them of your willingness and natural ability to work as part of a group. Collaboration, cooperation and people skills!
  • Get things done – What have you achieved in your personal and professional life so far? What tasks did you complete successfully in your current or last job?
  • Respect diversity – Have you lived abroad, travelled extensively, or take international holidays and see the peoples of he world as fascinating?

Current Eurostar Jobs

Eurostar is a large dynamic company and jobs are constantly being updated, at the time of our last visit opportunities included:

  • Team Leader
  • Business Systems and Quality Manager
  • EuroDespatch Assistant
  • Senior Planning and Analysis Manager
  • Production Manager
  • International Train Driver
  • Eurostar Engineering Apprentice
  • Campaign Manager France / Chargé(e) de campagnes
  • Chief Compliance Engineer
  • Head of Contact Centre

There are a number of benefits enjoyed by employees, not least of these is free and discounted travel for family and dependents, season ticket loans and a highly regarded pension scheme.

The details here are provided for information purposes only, visit the website for current vacancies.

Eurostar Jobs And Careers – Disclaimer And Feedback

We hope this page provide useful information and links to relevant resources for anyone considering a career with Eurostar. As well as providing a general recruitment guide we also hope to add value to this feature by sharing our ow experience and publishing user feedback where we have it. If you have recent experience working for this company that you’d like to share with our users let us know. We have no control over the content of external websites, you might like to review our disclaimer.

Universal Jobmatch

Universal Jobmatch, Job Search

UK Government JobSearch Feature – Universal Jobmatch

The Universal Jobmatch website has received criticism from the outset, the general look and feel was a significant improvement from the old Jobcentre Plus website. If you want to use all the facilities connected to the website you’ll firstly need to register. The website has a lot more information than just local jobs, take a few moments to look around, jobs around the world, benefit and training information and much more. Sign up for the job alert service and keep checking even when you manage to find employment (just a quick note about the job alert service, we have several reports that it is not yet working, has anyone had any success with this yet?). This link for your local JobcentrePlus.

It has been a few weeks since our last review of this service, things have been fine tuned and we notice some improvements but we like to stress again that you will need to log on and register in order to get the most from the service. This doesn’t mean that you can’t access the jobs, in the first instance if all you want to do is to view the vacancies on the systems you won’t need to set up an account. If you don’t have an account you might not be able to apply for all jobs online, set up an email alert or store your CV on the system. This page holds information regarding the the Universal Jobsmatch feature, this link for Kent jobs and employers.

If you’d like more details please read on. If you come across some bugs or errors with the Universal Jobsmatch let us know and we’ll feed the details back into the DWP website. Since the middle of November there have been several improvements to the way you can search the Government’s online job databases, not just the UK vacancies but also the European and international jobs. We’ve now had some lengthy searches on the site and made a full investigation of the facilities available. We’ve set out our experience below but as a summary we’d say – if you’re looking for a job, or are thinking about moving from your current position the Universal Jobsmatch is a good resource. A word of caution, you won’t get the most out of it unless you register! It’s much more than a vacancy database you can access a wide range of employment and benefit related resources through the pages.

Yourcounty has been publishing links to job resources and value added help for over a decade. In that time our content has been shaped and improved by our users and researchers. If you have a particularly good or bad experience with the Universal Jobmatch we’d welcome your comments. If appropriate we’ll pool feedback and pass it on to the relevant .gov department so that they might develop their coverage. Our contact information is below.

Universal Jobmatch
Universal Jobmatch

If you’re looking for Jobseeker Allowance help, this is now on a separate page. This link may be useful if you want to know about how the Universal Credit may affect Jobseeker’s Allowance and any other benefits you may have previously been entitled too. The Universal Credit is also set to replace: Child Tax Credits, Employment & Support Allowance, Income Support, Working Tax Credits and Housing Benefit.

The Features Of – Universal Jobmatch

The first thing to say about this service, is that although you’ll be able to browse current vacancies you’ll need to register and create an account in order to enjoy the full range of services. Registration requires two things, a current valid email address as well as a Government Gateway account. Access the service at

Our own initial view is that this service is definitely a step in the right direction as far as technology goes, getting a Government Gateway account can be a bit clunky and might put some users off! The look and feel is much more modern and interactive and those jobseekers who invest in a Government Gateway sign up will see a much improved agency style service.

Online Job searching

The Jobmatch service is completely free, job posting and matching services bring together employers and job seekers. It’s available 24/7 and should be accessible from public and private computer terminals. With this service job seekers can upload and create a CV, it’s possible to set up bespoke job search and job filtering services. There is also a possibility to receive ongoing job alerts against pre-set search criteria. A great improvement on the old service is that you can search and apply for jobs online. Rather than call a contact number which was frequently the case with the jobcentre plus database.

Your Comments

“Dear Yourcounty,

I don’t think you stressed enough the benefits of registering when you use the universal job search,, if you don’t you can’t save your job, nor put up a CV to send or save, in fact you’re only really browsing the facility the same way you would in the job centre. There is also an email alert that you can set up, it’s quite hard to do but well worth the effort…

“I don’t think you mentioned that you can search international jobs through the Universal Jobsmatch databasa (sic), my daughter has applied for vacancies in both Italy and Ireland. I know not everyone will want this but it seems like a wonderful innovation.”

“It might be me but I haven’t been able to set us the jobs alert service, I can’t find anyway of registering for this, am I the only person having this problem? Tara from Twickenham”

“Dear Yourcounty, I can’t find the email alert service am I missing something? Also can’t seem to search for jobs based on pay scales. can you help?”

“Nope can’t get email alerts, I also can no longer search based on hourly wage, I’m sure this was possible earlier, can you help?” | CV Uploading And Editing

There is a CV editing facility that allows registered users to upload, amend and save their CV online. Online help and hints enable users to fine tune the document. Once the CV is in place it can be used created matches to vacancies. The print facility will allow a hard copy to be made of any ‘single document’ within an account.

Job seekers can be automatically matched to vacancies via their CV or even keywords used on the online profile which can be set up. The matches then triggers a message to the user’s account and creates an email alert.

Follow these links if you need contact details for your local Jobcentre and an outline of the services they provide. As high as our praise for the online Universal Jobsmatch service is, it’s worth noting that some services can only be accessed through a visit to local facility.

Help For Freelancers And The Self Employed

We’re still seeing some complaints about the lack of help being made available to self employed and freelance job seekers. We’re researching this at the moment and will come back with more details when our investigations are complete.


If you’re unable to access the new website for any reason you can call Jobcentre Plus on 0845 606 0234 or get the textphone service on 0845 605 5255. The lines are manned Mon to Fri from 8am to 6pm.

Universal Jobmatch – Feedback & Disclaimer

Let us know if you spot mistakes or omissions on this page, we do feature user comments from time to time, we publish these in good faith but take a quick look at our disclaimer. If you’ve had a good look at this page and the website in general you’ll see that we rely on user feedback to add value to our own views, so we are always happy to receive the thoughts of our users. At the time of writing there were still a few problems with this service so we’ll continue to publish feedback where we have it.

Estate Agent Jobs

Estate Agent Jobs In Kent

Welcome to the Yourcounty estate agent jobs page. Its aim is to provide a brief guide to working for estate and letting agencies and to link directly and indirectly to current vacancies in the region. Through our local property pages we feature most of the agencies in Kent, and if you’re just looking for details of agencies sorted by district this page should do the the job for you. If you’d like some general information about working in the property sale and letting sectors read on. This link for the main Jobs in Kent features.

The most important component of our employment content is our user feedback. Your comments are helping to shape and develop our features and we welcome your thoughts about working for estate agents and their recruitment processes.

What Do Estate Agents Do?

The main activity of estate agents is the marketing and sale of residential and commercial properties, businesses or land on behalf of their customers. They may also buy these same commodities on behalf of their clients. Many estate agents also act as letting agents, arranging the rental and letting of residential and commercial property and sometimes undertaking fee based management of rented properties. Into this mix there are also dedicated letting agents who have no sales activity.  The sector can be sub dived much further into: rural, urban, land specialists, commercial property specialists, student letting specialist and so on. However the scope of this page is to provide some general information and link to useful resources. A modern large estate agency is dependent on a number of different professionals to successfully undertake its activity, here we focus on those tasks experienced in all sectors to this industry.

Marketing of the agency, it needs to attract customers wanting to sell their houses. When a property is going to come to market accurate information about the property, usually including photographs need to be collected, a valuation has to be made and a contract signed. At this point buyers for the property need to be attracted, viewings of the property arranged and an element of negotiation may be required with eventual buyers. Throughout the whole process there is a significant amount of liaison with many stakeholders and a degree of compliance with rules and regulations has to be achieved.

Estate Agent Jobs
Estate Agent Jobs

The role of letting agents includes attracting landlords and properties to rent, gathering accurate information about the properties. Then the properties have to be marketed and potential tenants vetted, when a property is let there are ongoing management responsibilities including the collection of the rent. There are also issues of compliance and liaison in property rental management. If you’d like more information about the standards and compliance property sector visit the RICS website.

What Estate Agent Jobs Are There?

Estate agents are major employers in Kent and across the UK, they can have quite a high turnover of staff so there are usually lots of vacancies even when unemployment rates are high. A big estate agent will advertise a wide range of employment opportunities; traditional estate agent jobs and letting agent roles as well as support functions in areas like HR, IT, marketing and finance. Their core business is however to sell and let houses.

To give you an idea of where to start, traditional estate agent and letting agent jobs include:

  • Estate Agency Administrator
  • Letting Agent
  • Estate Agent Branch Manager
  • Lettings Manager
  • Negotiator
  • Property Manager
  • Trainee Negotiator
  • Property Valuer
  • Trainee Estate Agent
  • Sales Agent
  • Trainee Letting Agent

There are several hundred estate agent offices in Kent alone. If you are looking for a job the best system is to identify those agents in the area where you’d like to work and visit their websites, check out their current vacancies and apply for any relevant jobs. It’s usually possible to send them a CV even if they don’t have an opening at this time. Target the ten most suitable firms, produce your CV and covering letter to as high a standard as possible and put your details into the job market place.

Property Jobs – Disclaimer And Feedback

We hope you find this feature useful, we make every effort to ensure the content is up to date and relevant but feel free to let us know it you spot any errors in this feature. Feel free to submit information for free inclusion. Please see our disclaimer.

Estate Agent Jobs – User Feedback

Are you able to answer Maggie’s question? If so send an email to the feedback address.

“I recently went for an interview with a local estate agent (with branches throughout Kent), the position was for a freelance/self employed agent, like a mini franchise within a franchise, it was a commission only post but a successful applicant would have been expected to pay several hundred pounds for training. Do you or any of your readers know about this scheme and can you link to any ‘real life’ stories?”

Environment Agency Jobs

Environment Agency Jobs And Careers

Environment Agency jobs and career advice on this page. This link for the main recruitment page for jobs in Kent.  We welcome comments and feedback from any of our users with recent experience of working for the agency. EA is an executive non-departmental public body, sponsored by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs. It has responsibility for maintaining and improving the natural environment and taking measures to protect communities against flooding in England and Wales. The work is absolutely essential to the current and future quality of life of every individual in the UK and further afield. Pollution, radioactivity, flooding, fishing, land and water quality are all subject areas that overlap into the work of the organisation. The Agency has a workforce of around 10,600 that sit within eight directorates reporting to a Chief Executive. The organisation has a total budget of over £1b, the funding comes from both central government and a range of fee raising services.

Environment Agency Jobs
Environment Agency Jobs

Where Can You Work?

All of the tasks undertaken by the organisation can be broken down into eight separate departments overseen and coordinated by a Chief Executive’s Office, we’ve summerised the main functions of each directorate below as a general guide to job seekers (for more precise details visit the Environment Agency website):

  • Chief Executive – Environment strategy, planning, media relation.
  • Operations – A national network responsible for flood protection across the country on a micro to a macro level. This work encompasses managing the Thames Barrier and keeping local streams unblocked with everything in between. It’s present in all of England and Wales and it’s the part of the agency that will respond when flooding strikes.
  • Evidence – Research, data modelling and the appliance of science to the work of the agency.
  • Finance – All the financial management necessary to run a billion pound budget and meet all legal and statutory requirements including procurement and pensions.
  • FCRM – The flood and coastal risk management team take responsibility for long term strategy and the investment in flood defence. They are involved in modelling and the analysis of trends and patterns connected to flooding related issues. The FCRM also run flooding incident coordination.
  • Environment And Business – Have a wide range of responsibilities connected to the relationship between individuals, businesses and the environment. Working with regulated and non-regulated businesses and other stakeholders. Taking a lead in issues such as climate change and the quality of land and water.
  • Resources – The beating heart of the organisation, it includes HR, IT and other functions that enable the Environment Agency to successfully meet the goals set out in the corporate plan.
  • Legal Service – It might surprise you to know that this department has over 100 people working within it. the ‘shock troops’ working in litigation, permits, enforcement and prosecution. Other members of the legal team supporting other units in the organisations and working towards strategic medium and long term goals.

Environment Agency Roles And Recruitment

The Environment Agency recruitment pages has a wealth of information for job seekers including some examples of job profiles to give prospective employees an idea of what the agency has to offer in roles as diverse as; Project Support Officer, HR Business Partner, Environment Officer, Procurement Officer, Permitting Officer, Support Analyst, Hydrologist, Incident Communication Advisor, Coastal Engineer, Service Assurance Supplier Manager, Customer Service Advisor, Civil Engineer, Flood Risk Mapping, Finance Business Partner, Planner and Business Relationship Manager. These are just a sample of operational roles within the organisation.

Current Environment Agency Jobs

To give you an idea of where to start this is a selection of vacancies published on the EA website (at the time of writing):

  • Environmental Crime Officers –  25,001 – 30,000 Farnham , Wallingford
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Control Engineer, Engineers (Meica) – 30,001 – 40,000 Canterbury , Chichester , Farnham , London , Maidstone , Oxford , Reading , Romsey , Rye , Sevenoaks , Sunbury-on-Thames , Wallingford , Welwyn Garden City , West Malling , Worthing , Pevensey
  • Personal Assistant –  20,001 – 25,000 Exeter
  • Assistant Scientist (Instrumentation) – 15,001 – 20,000 Reading
  • Biodiversity Technical Officer – 6784 6784 Environment & Sustainability 25,001 – 30,000 London
  • Asset Performance Team Member – Thames Barrier –  20,001 – 25,000 London
  • Flood & Coastal Risk Management Officer – 25,001 – 30,000 Romsey
  • Apprentice Legal Assistant – 15,001 – 20,000 Bristol
  • Electrical / Mechanical (Asset Performance) Technical Officer – 25,001 – 30,000 Farnham , Guildford , Reading , Shepperton , Sunbury-on-Thames
  • Customers and Engagement Officer – 20,001 – 25,000 West Malling
  • Permitting Officer 1 – Environment & Sustainability 25,001 – 30,000 Solihull
  • Groundwater and Contaminated Land Technical Officer – 25,001 – 30,000 West Malling
  • Flood Risk Technical Advisor – 30,001 – 40,000 Welwyn Garden City
  • Technical Officer (Hydrology) – 25,001 – 30,000 Kidderminster , Shrewsbury , Solihull , Stafford , Tewkesbury , Fradley

Benefits Of Employment

The core benefits of jobs at the Environment Agency included (at the time of writing):

  • An attractive final salary pension scheme
  • Holiday entitlement starts at five weeks and rises to a maximum of six weeks a year.
  • A valuable maternity and adoption leave programme
  • Occupational health and ophthalmic services
  • Season tickets bicycles and safety equipment loans
  • Some offices are able to offer free work place parking

The Environment Agency Head Office is at:

  • Horizon House, Deanery Road, Bristol, BS1 5AH

Offices in The South East are at:

  •  South East Regional Office, Kings Meadow House, Kings Meadow Road, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 8DQ
  • West Thames Area Office, West Area Office, Howbery Park, Crowmarsh Gifford, Wallingford, Oxfordshire, OX10 8BD
  • Solent and South Downs Area Office, Guildbourne House, Chatsworth Road, Worthing, Sussex, BN11 1LD
  • North East Thames Area Office, Apollo Court, 2 Bishops Square Business Park, St Albans Road West, Hatfield, Hertfordshire, AL10 9EX
  • Kent South London Office, Orchard House, Endeavour Park, London Road, Addington, West Malling, Kent, ME19 5SH

To make a general employment enquiry or apply for Environment Agency jobs visit the Environment Agency recruitment website.

Environment Agency Jobs Disclaimer And Feedback

These links are regularly checked but if you find any are broken or out of date please let us know. This is a page under development and more links will be published over the coming weeks. Feel free to submit information for free inclusion. Please see our disclaimer.

Emergency Services Jobs

Emergency Services Jobs

Careers With The Fire And Rescue, Police, Ambulance And Security Services

Welcome to the Yourcounty emergency services jobs pages. The purpose of this page is to feature emergency service and armed forces employers together with careers in law and order. We publish information and links on this page; some internal, some external, most jobs based in Kent others further afield. Most of the organizations listed on this page may have quite strict eligibility requirements, you may save yourself a lot of time if you investigate these before you make your application.

As always we are pleased to get your feedback about any of these employers. Contact details at the foot of the page.

Employers and vacancy links on this page fall into three distinct groups. Those directly related to the traditional emergency services (Ambulance, Fire & Rescue and Police) agencies linked to law and order, typically organizations reporting to the Justice Ministry (Prison and Probation Service) and forces involved directly in the defense of the realm (the military and security agencies).

Emergency Services Jobs

In the UK we think of the emergency services as being those agencies working across the whole of the country that respond to emergencies and can be reached through the 999 telephone number. The Health Service (in the guise of the Ambulance Service, The Fire & Rescue Service and the Police). However there are in fact dozens of organs that are prepared to respond to emergencies, some of them can be directly engaged by calling 999, other are generally contacted by one of the other services. A few examples are: Bomb Disposal, The Lifeboat Service and Mountain Rescue.

The Justice Ministry

Created in 2007, the Justice Ministry is responsible for increasing the wider confidence in the agencies of justice, protecting the public as well as reducing offending. Most people will be familiar with the Prison Service and Probation Service but may not be quite so aware of the job opportunities available with: Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, HM Courts & Tribunals Service, the Ministry of Justice itself and the Youth Justice Board.

The Defence Of The Realm

Two different kinds of agencies offering jobs and careers, the traditional armed forces like the Army and Royal Marines and national security services such as MI5 and MI6.

  • The Army – The TA – The British Army is in a phase of transition, suitable candidates are being recruited to take the organisation forward in a rapidly changing world. The basis for the relationship requires that you join a train with a local unit, so check to see where your local TA camp is.
  • SECAMS (Formerly the Kent Ambulance Service) – Now restructured as part of South East Coast Ambulance Service, this link leads to our KENT NHS job page, which has extensive information about joining the NHS in general the the Ambulance Service specifically.
  • Kent Coastguard – Part of the Maritime & Coastguard Agency, the organisation has over 1,200 employees and around 4,000 volunteers.
  • Kent Fire and Rescue Service – Jobs are advertised through their own careers page on the corporate website. The service covers Kent and Medway. Its responsibilities include: the provision of emergency response, fire fighting, attending RTAs and a range of rescue related services.
  • Kent Police – Kent Police employ over 1,500 civilians to support and assist the work of over 3,100 officers based in all parts of the county. Recruitment seems to have become a little easier again as we enter the second half of 2013, expect more vacancies, keep checking the website.
Emergency Services Jobs
Kent Police – Kent Emergency Services Jobs
  • Kent Police Specials – The Special Constabulary are trained volunteers who work with and support Kent Police. There are around 330 Specials in the county.
  • Metropolitan Police – The Metropolitan Police Service (often referred to at The Met) has extensive job and career information through a dedicated website. Our details regarding Uniformed Officer recruitment has been recently updated.
  • MI5, The Security Service – MI5, The Security Service has responsibilities for protecting the UK against threats to our national interests.
  • MI6, The Secret Intelligence Service – The Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) began to recruit its spies openly less than a decade ago. Because of the vetting needed to join a covert intelligence organisation the recruitment process can take a considerable time (up to a year in some cases), you need to plan ahead if you wish to apply.
  • MoD On-line – The Ministry of Defence (MoD) career website links to the other armed forces websites and provides vacancy details for civilian MoD jobs. You might now know this but the MoD has thousands of civilian employees involved in jobs as varied as web masters, vets and administrators.
  • Prison Service – The Prison Service has ongoing recruitment of both Prison Officers and support functions. We link to privatised and public sector prisons.
  • The Kent Probation Service – The National Probation Service is an important part of the National Offender Management Service. because of the large number of prisons in Kent it is particularly active in the county.
  • Royal Marine Careers – The Royal Marines are the Royal Navy’s sea born infantry and elite force. They are a small but highly respected corps, also known as the ‘Green Berets’.

Emergency Services Jobs – Disclaimer & Feedback

We hope you find this feature both relevant and up to date. it’s aim to list some of the main job opportunities in the military and local emergency services. We have most of the bases covered but there are more potential employment opportunities that we have featured. This isn’t a static list and we’re happy to add new employers and change or update the information. Let us know is you think we can improve the content here. We can’t control the information held on other websites so please take a moment to review our disclaimer.

Dover District Council Jobs

Dover District Council Jobs, Employment And Careers With DDC

Welcome to our Dover District Council jobs page. The district of Dover covers a total area of 120 square miles, and includes the towns of Dover, Deal and Sandwich as well as many villages. This part of East Kent is rich in heritage, natural beauty and is Britain’s doorway to Europe. 14 million passengers travel through the port of Dover every year! The current population is over 110,000. Jobs at Dover Council on this page, this link for the main jobs in Kent page. Dover (or Douvres as the French call it). Is the UK’s closest port to mainland Europe, an ancient settlement and an iconic symbol recognised then world over (Dover Castle, the White Cliffs of Dover etc). For details of local employers and links to local jobs visit the local Dover jobs page.

Dover District Council Jobs

Canterbury City Council,  Thanet District Council and Dover District Council jobs are centrally administered. At the time of our last visit vacancies included:

  • Visitor Services Officer (4) – Canterbury City Council – £16,913 to £17,688
  • HR Systems Administration Apprentice – Dover District Council – £5.25 per hour
  • Project Officer (Townscape Heritage Initiative – Dalby Square) – Thanet District Council
    Starting Salary £34,011 per annum, with opportunity for progression to £38,773
  • Customer Advisor x 2 – EK Services – Starting Salary £20,712 per annum
  • Enforcement Officer – Canterbury City Council – £21,850 to £23,087 pro rata
  • Independent Board Members – Whitstable Harbour – Canterbury City Council
  • Housing Improvement Officer – Thanet District Council -Starting Salary £29,896 per annum
  • Pier Attendant – Dover District Council -Salary £18,612 to £21,465 per annum (pro rata)
  • Pioneering Canterbury Exhibitions and Heritage Producer – Canterbury Marlowe – £26,511
  • Pioneering Canterbury Digital Producer – Canterbury Marlowe – £26,511
  • Pioneering Canterbury Collections Assistant – Canterbury Marlowe – £18,259
  • HR Officer – Dover District Council – £18,612 to £21,465 per annum
  • Commercial Lawyer -Dover District Council – £42,813 – £48,445 per annum plus car allowance of £5,869
Dover District Council Jobs
Dover District Council Jobs

The Council

Current Dover District Council jobs are published on the DDC website. The local authorities in East Kent all the use the same job portal so you can see vacancies for: Dover, Thanet and Canterbury on one website. DDC has a published equal opportunities policy, they are “committed to providing relevant and accessible services to all the people who live and work in Dover.”

When we last visited the Council website and reviewed their organisational structure the council’s activities were arranged into seven distinct teams (a 2012 restructuring may have changed the Management Team but the basic functions remain the same):

  • Office of the Chief Executive
    • Responsibility for the economic regeneration of the area, supporting practical and secretarial help to the Chief Executive’s office.
  • Governance
    • Legal services ensuring the Council acts lawfully in all matters.
    • The East Kent Audit Partnership, a joint venture between; Canterbury City Council, Dover District Council, Shepway District Council and Thanet District Council.
    • Performance and Risk gather information and carry out analysis and analytical functions.
    • East Kent Human Resources Partnership is an alliance between the four East Kent local authorities to pool expertise and share costs. The partnership is estimated to save each of the four authorities about £100,000 per annum.
  • Finance and ICT
    • As you might imagine the accountancy team carry out the traditional local authority finance functions such as responsibility for actual bank accounts, budgets and treasury management. Producing reports for all relevant stakeholders, completing returns.
    • Procurement best practise is an indispensable part of local government, it requires that all national and European legislation is taken into account in a procurement context.
    • ICT are responsible for all computer networks, the computers connected to them and the software running on these machines.
  • Property, Leisure and Waste Management
    • Property Services – In common with most local authorities DDC has responsibility for a number of physical and material assets. The post war Coast Protection Act empowers local authorities to protect the coastline from erosion. Public toilets, markets, cemeteries, council buildings and facilities are all just a part of the responsibility of Dover’s Property Department.
    • The Parking and CCTV team are responsible for installing, maintaining CCTV across the district, monitoring the output from the CCTV and liaising with any apposite third party. The 30 off street parking areas are managed by the Parking Unit.
    • Leisure Services are responsible for the management (or delegated management) for all public leisure facilities across the district including: Dover Leisure Centre, Tides and the Deal Indoor Tennis Centre.
  • Business and Community Transformation
    • Enforcement and counter fraud.
    • Council Tax calculation, collection and management.
    • The paying of benefits to the thousands of residents that depend on them.
    • Community Transformation through regeneration, health and well being projects, and initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life of individuals and communities.
    • Corporate issues like equality, communication and consultation projects
  • Housing, Culture and Community Safety
    • The council has responsibility for managing nearly 5,000 council houses and flats.
    • Strategic housing plans require an understanding of the private and public housing needs both now and in the future.
    • Museums and tourism falls within this area of responsibility and includes The Dover Museum and The White Cliffs tourism project.
    • Anti-Social Behavior in handled by a joint venture between the council and the local police known as the Community Safety Unit.
  • Development and Public Protection
    • Conservation is a crucial issue in an area of such historical importance as Dover, Deal and Sandwich. The council is expected to protect and where possible improve natural features, the general environment and important buildings.
    • Simply put Building Control can be thought of as having two distinct parts, Building Regulations Fee Earning (known as BRFE) and Building Regulations Implementation.
    • Environmental Health in Dover District Council is concerned with protecting the public through:
      • Developing and managing a system of food safety and hygiene control whereever food is prepared and/or served publicly.
      • Health and safety in the workplace is an essential tool to protect employees and members of the public alike.
      • The council has certain statutory responsibilities with regard ships and boats entering the port.
    • The Environmental Protection team are involved in; pollution control, pest control and dog control activities.

Location And Contacts

Public sector jobs are in short supply at the present time. Vacancies for Canterbury, Dover, Shepway and Thanet are now managed by a central recruitment team the East Kent HR Partnership:

  • East Kent HR Partnership, Dover District Council, White Cliffs Business Park, Whitfield, CT16 3PJ
  • 01304 872799

Dover District Council Jobs – Disclaimer

We aim to ensure that our DDC jobs feature is both relevant and up to date so it is carefully researched and checked regularly. However things do change so if you spot an error or omission do let us know. We’d welcome your feedback if you have some feedback about working for DDC or their recruitment methods. Please see our disclaimer.

Dartford Council Jobs

 Dartford Borough Council Jobs

Dartford Council jobs and employment information on this page. This link for the main Jobs in Kent feature. Feedback about working for the Borough Council and its recruitment process is most welcome, our contact details below. The Borough has a little under 100,000 people living in the town of Dartford and the surrounding areas. Dartford is the most northerly local authority within Kent, the Thames, and Essex beyond lie to the North, to the West is the London Borough of Bexley. Dartford is part of the Thames Gateway a ‘key growth zone’. The plan is to create 20,000 new homes and 50,000 new jobs by 2026. These developments are likely to boost local employment opportunities including Dartford Council jobs. Dartford’s origins are Roman, the hamlet eventually becoming a market town before developing into an important industrial centre with paper making and cement production important parts of its activity.

Dartford Council Jobs

Part time and full time Dartford Council jobs are advertised and held on their website here. The website also provides some general advice for job seekers including how to write a winning Curriculum Vitae, some tips on Interview technique and a guide and links to enable you to search for a vacancy. The current management structure of Dartford Council reflects the work the council does and the roles required to help run the organisation and in fact the borough. At director level there are Managing Director, Executive Director , Strategic Director, Regeneration Director, Project Director and Valuer. Dartford Borough Council with Gravesham Borough Council and Kent County Council, co-ordinates the local authority approach to issues of regeneration within ‘Kent Thameside’.

Dartford Council jobs
Dartford Council jobs

Location And Contact

  • Dartford Borough Council
    Civic Centre,
    Home Gardens,
    Kent, DA1 1DR
  • 01322 343434

More Local Government Jobs

Follow this link for the local Dartford job page.

Dartford Council Jobs Feedback & Disclaimer

This content is checked regularly but if you find that any links are broken or content out of date let us know.We welcome your feedback if you have experience of working for the council or their recruitment process. This is a page under constant improvement. Please see our disclaimer.

UK Civil Service Jobs: Government Vacancies

UK Civil Service Jobs, Government Vacancies

Welcome to our UK civil service jobs feature. Its aim is to provide help and resources for anyone considering a career in the civil service and add value by using our own knowledge and experience.. If you’ve worked for the civil service or have experience of it’s recruitment process we’d welcome your comments. Kent is a commuting county, workers have access to all the employers in London as well as jobs available within its own boundaries. This link for hundreds of Kent employers on the Kent jobs page.

Government Careers – UK Civil Service Jobs

The UK Civil Service employs hundreds of thousands of people spread over 150 departments. UK civil service jobs underpin every aspect of our society. It’s essential and important work. In the current economic climate the public sector is facing new challenges alongside some of its traditional tasks. However the government employs so many people that there are always vacancies for appropriately qualified and experienced individuals.

UK Civil Service Jobs

UK Civil Service Jobs

Civil Service Recruitment

If you are looking for Civil Service jobs try one of these three portals in the first instance.

The Recruitment Gateway – This website will give you an overview of UK Civil Service Jobsas well as details of current job opportunities across the UK. The website has recently been improved and includes features like Job Alerts and Jobs In Europe as well as regional position. The website is divided between public job seekers and existing civil servants.

Fast Stream – Is a Leadership programme (what used to be called a graduate development scheme). It’s a fast track designed to cultivate the potential of exceptional employees to a point where they can make a full contribution to the Civil Service.

Fast Track Civil Service Apprenticeships – An acclaimed level 4 two year Higher Apprenticeship.  It offers a good grounding for anyone wanting to build a career in the Civil Service.

Undergraduate Jobs

The Civil Service is one of the largest employers in the UK, and therefore has a variety of career opportunities both here and overseas. You can gain experience/placements before graduating through sandwich courses, vacation visits, and work experience

Graduate Jobs

Whichever department you join, you’ll be helping to make a real difference to people’s lives on all kinds of levels. Some government departments offer their own graduate recruitment schemes  For example HM Revenue & Customs, Defence Engineering and Science Group, HM Treasury and Highways Agency. There are a number of specific schemes open to new and experienced graduates looking for a career change. If you’re successful, you could be posted to a number of government departments.

More Resources

We’ve published some links to some civil service departments below, this will allow job seekers to gain more information about the scope of the work undertaken in the civil service and find different channels to identify current and potential job opportunities.

  •  Actuary’s Department – Offer a bespoke actuarial analysis service to the public sector in the UK and farther afield.
  • The Government Economic Service – the GES fast stream service – round 2 will open from 04/03/13 and closes on 08/04/13. They are looking to offer 180 economists jobs in 2013.
  • Finance Services – Provides coordination for the UK’s finance professionals working in government.
  • Government Legal Service – The GLS is headed by the Treasury Solicitor, the role of the organisation is to provide a cohesive network for all the lawyers working in government.
  • The Government Statistical Service – Their prime responsibility is to; compile, analyze and publish the full range of social and economic data.
  • Operational Research Service – Champions of operational research across the whole of government, pulling together the 400 analysts directly engaged in research. UK Civil Service jobs.
  • Ministry of Defence – Over ten thousand people work for the MOD in a civilian capacity in a very wide range of roles. Policy advisors, procurement and maintenance of equipment, instructors, vets, webmasters to name a few.

UK Civil Service Jobs Feedback & Disclaimer

We aspire to keep our civil service job page up to date and relevant and although our content is checked regularly things do change. Please let us know is there are any alterations or improvements we can make to this feature. Yourcounty is particularly interested in hearing the feedback of people working in the civil service at whatever level. We would also like to hear from you if you would like to suggest other relevant resources or websites. Yourcounty takes care over its content and we’re happy to correct any factual errors, please see our disclaimer.

User Comment

“Dear Yourcounty, The MOD can still offer great careers for civilians but there isn’t the same job security as there was when I started 30 years ago. Once you were recruited by the MOD your could expect a job for life, that scenario is at an end, plan a career in the Civil Service but expect change otherwise you are likely to be disillusioned in the future. BP”

Christmas Jobs Medway 2017

Christmas Jobs Medway – Seasonal Opportunities In Chatham, Gillingham And Rochester 2017

This page is our Christmas jobs Medway towns feature. Yourcounty has been providing general Christmas vacancy information for Kent and the surrounding areas for about ten years. During this time user feedback has played an important part in the development of our content and we welcome your comments.

This is a page under constant improvement and we welcome submissions from employers that undertake seasonal recruitment for free inclusion . Our contact details are at the bottom of the page. This is the link to our main jobs in Medway page.

Christmas Jobs Medway

We have run a successful Xmas vacancies in Kent feature since 2003, we recently added a Christmas jobs in London page and this Medway seasonal jobs is a natural development from those initiatives. The aim of this page is to give details of the biggest employers of seasonal staff in the area and provide some links to useful resources.

The first Christmas jobs Medway start to be advertised in September. Many of the plum jobs will have been filled by the start of November. There are however new vacancies coming on stream until the New Year. Aside the multinationals many local businesses need extra help at this time of year, but not all have formal recruitment structures. This is one way in which the local Jobcentre plus comes into its own. It generally has a large number of temporary and casual work opportunities. As a general rule the prime jobs attract the greatest competition.

If you’re actually looking for a permanent job, a seasonal appointment with your desired employer may present a real chance Temporary Christmas to get some experience that may lead to a permanent job in due course. Employers seeking temporary or seasonal staff for 2017 are likely to include:

Christmas Jobs Medway

  • Argos – One of the big winners in the Christmas shopping stakes, this means that they need to appoint several thousand temporary staff across the country at Christmas.
  • Seasonal contracts with Asda normally last for eight weeks although this is open to discussion, you don’t have to re-apply once you’ve worked on a temporary basis. There are thousands of extra jobs each Christmas, most vacancies on the front line in-store. Asda have a very good track record in offering casual staff permanent contracts.
  • Boots – One of the biggest employers of seasonal retail staff, the organisation starts the publish vacancy details during the summer months. Most positions are for Customer Assistants. Successful applicants get training and get many of the benefits of permanent staff. Speaking of permanent staff, many Christmas employees are offered permanent contracts if they make a good impression. Along with Debenhams Boots are among the first to start their Christmas recruitment campaigns, expect to see vacancies advertised from August onwards. Opportunities published on their own recruitment website, jobcentre plus and other employment forums.
  • Civil Service Jobs – There’s not much of a call for temporary Christmas contracts in the Civil Service however they do award temporary contracts for a range of functions. Jobs of any kind have been few and far between over the last couple of years, always worth checking out their websites.
Christmas jobs Medway
Literally thousands of Christmas jobs Medway
  • Iceland – As many as three thousand extra staff recruited at Christmas.
  • KFC – Temporary or permanent Christmas jobs Medway, details through the website.
  • Matalan – Temporary retail work in many town and cities across the UK. If you fit in you could think about applying for a permanent job.
  • Next – Christmas jobs working for this High Street retailer available in Medway, experience or an interest in fashion would be a significant advantage.
  • Parcleforce – Season jobs in logistics and dispatch. Among their 52 depots nationwide there is also one in 8-13 Chieftain Close at Gillingham Business Park.
  • Pizza Express – Most Christmas jobs on the front line – waiters, waitresses, chefs and cleaners, excellent website with full details.
  • Post Office – This year there are 16,000 to 17,000 vacancies for short term seasonal and casual work.
  • Primark – Retail work with one of the biggest names on the high street.
  • Royal Mail – There were 16,000 Christmas vacancies in 2016 needed to deal with the 100% increase in the workload. Nearly ten applications received for each post so it’s very competitive. There is an initial online test, even for temporary and seasonal contracts, it’s not overly hard but you will increase your chances greatly if you do a little research beforehand.
  • Toysrus – Up to 4,000 Christmas vacancies across the country, including the Medway store.
  • Tragus – (now the Casual Dining Group) Owners of about 280 restaurants have extra staffing requirements at Christmas.
  • Wetherspoon – Temporary staff being recruited from late September all the way through to December. You’ll need to apply on a pub by pub basis. Can be a platform from which to get a full time post.

Feedback & Disclaimer Christmas Jobs Medway

We check all of our features for accuracy and relevance on a regular basis, however changes will occur and copy can become out of date. We really welcome your feedback. If you’d like to submit a Medway employer that may have Christmas jobs please email us at If you have any questions please see our disclaimer.

Christmas Jobs London

Christmas Jobs In London 2017

Seasonal Work in Central & Greater London

Welcome to the Yourcounty Christmas jobs London feature, This link for the main employers in London, it holds listings of some of the leading employers in London although it doesn’t have a seasonal emphasis. For several years we have been publishing Xmas vacancies in Kent and more recently Christmas jobs in Bromley. This London page takes its inspiration from the original Kent page but features more London Christmas jobs and links to employers based in and around Central and Greater London.

Christmas Jobs London 2017

The big push for seasonal work begins in September most employers publish vacancies throughout September and October, and recruitment continues through to the start of December. It might not surprise you to know that around three quarters of retail businesses expect to recruit extra staff this Christmas (British Retail Consortium). The employers and subsequent vacancies we link to here should be viewed as just a starting point. With large employers you generally have to get your application submitted as early as possible and follow the relevant formal recruitment process. Small independent companies also recruit seasonal staff from October through to December.

Seasonal Work In London

London is uniquely placed for temporary Christmas work, its economy has a massive boost from October through to the end of January. Consider that many stores expect to generate as much revenue in January Sales as in the Christmas rush. Many Christmas vacancies are able to offer flexible working routines like weekend work, nights as well as bank shifts. Throughout London; theaters, cinemas, restaurants, pubs, clubs, shops, taxi firms will all need extra staff. It’s not possible to list all possible vacancies on one site so we feature only the largest employers of seasonal staff below to get you started.

Wages for casual work can vary significantly particularly in big cities, you’ll need to factor in all the benefits of any job, at Christmas in particular tips can significantly increase the wages of restaurant staff. Don’t underestimate the importance of CV and interview presentation for Christmas staff, the best vacancies will attract a stiff level of competition, your CV or application should paint you in the best possible light.

Christmas Jobs London

  • Amazon’s eight nationwide fulfillment centres (Marston Gate, Doncaster, Peterborough, Rugely, Hemel Hempstead, Swansea, Glenrothes and Gourock). They have employed  as many as 13,000 temporary staff in previous years.
  • Argos – Are one of the big recruiters of seasonal workers across London. They generally have in excess of 3,000 Christmas jobs to fill spread evenly across the UK.
  • Asda – Precise figures will be released in the autumn but you can expect this retailer to take on thousands of extra people this year. Most jobs will be in store with some distribution opportunities. The Christmas seasonal staff recruitment normally expect an eight week commitment from applicants. A significant number of Asda’s graduate recruits have previously worked on a seasonal basis.
  • Bentalls is one of the biggest stores in the South West of London and a landmark in Kingston-upon-Thames. Full recruitment details on the website.
  • Boots – Follow this link for more details of Boots seasonal recruitment needs. You need to think about making your application as soon as announcements are made, typically in September or the beginning of October
  • Civil Service Jobs – A pretty lean time for temporary jobs in the public sector generally and the civil service opportunity in particular. There are however always some seasonal opportunities.
  • Compass are a big employer of hospitality staff, both permanent and casual. More details at the website.
Christmas jobs London 2017
Literally thousands of Christmas jobs London
  • Debenhams – Typically this department store will recruit 1,000 to 1,200 extra staff at Christmas, depending on the state of the economy and general operational needs. They are amongst the first of the seasonal jobs that become advertised. If you check the Debenhams website you’ll find Christmas jobs advertised from August onward, more vacancies will be published all the way through to December.
  • Dominos Pizza – Generally increase their staff numbers in the season of goodwill. Almost all vacancies can be reached through the online recruitment portal. Get a well presented form in to them as soon as possible.
  • Evans Cycles – Christmas sees a huge surge in cycle sales, Evans have stores across London including: Brentford, Canary Wharf, Chalk Farm, Chiswick, Clapham, Crouch End, Fenchurch Street, Fulham, Hendon, Holborn, Kingston, London Bridge, Notting Hill, Spitalfields, St Paul’s, Victoria, Wandsworth, Waterloo Cut, West End and Wimbledon.
  • Fortnum & Masons – Typically, there are 200 temporary Christmas jobs with Fortnums, contracts may commence in the first week of October to Christmas Eve. Apply early.
  • Christmas jobs in London can be found at Gumtree. Seasonal vacancies start to published from August. There are T&Cs for publishing jobs on the site, you also need to follow the sites own advice for responding to postings.
  • Harrods have been servicing the needs of shoppers from their Knightsbridge store since 1853, they generally recruit significant numbers of extra staff in preparation for Christmas.
  • H Samuel are one of the most popular high street retailers across the UK, they have temporary opportunities throughout the year but particularly during the festive season.
  • Iceland – Another of the retailers that relies on a significant increase in the staff numbers to cope with the Christmas rush.
  • John Lewis – Has been a recruiter of temporary, seasonal staff for many years and they are a highly regarded employer, you’ll to make a formal application as soon as jobs are advertised. You can check out their website from September onward.
  • Marks and Spencer – Part time and full time  Christmas jobs London are available, wages comparable with other high street retailers but terms and conditions are regarded as being amongst the best on a like for like basis.
  • Matalan – This high street retailer is able to provide temporary work in the winter across many towns in the UK. If you fancy a long term career you might like to know that Matalan love to promote from within.
  • Morrisons – In common with all of the UK major supermarket chains Morrisons run Christmas recruitment alongside permanent vacancies.
  • Next – Interested in fashion and need some extra cash at Christmas? Most Next stores take on seasonal staff in November and December.
  • O2 – High street work at Christmas and beyond, a successful period under a temporary contract plus a background in phone or technology sales would be a distinct advantage in seeking a full time job.
  • Parcleforce – Christmas jobs with Parcelforce in a range of positions. They have 52 depots across the UK including Central and Greater London.
  • Pizza Express – A well known national chain producing brilliant pizza and trattoria style food. There’s a branch in most large towns and cities in the region. There are a particularly popular venue for Christmas dinners and outings and they usually feature several seasonal ‘Natale’ specials on the menu. Many temporary jobs tend to be on the front line; – waiters, waitresses, chefs and cleaners. They have a pretty good recruitment website with lots of relevant information. Apply as soon as the vacancies appear for the best chance of success.
  • Post Office – Thousand of extra Christmas jobs London with the Post Office.
  • Primark – Temporary and short term contracts available for candidates with the relevant skills and experience.
  • Royal Mail – In 2017 there are expected to be in excess of 12,000 Christmas vacancies, about the same number as the previous year. Online selections tests usually used as part of the selection process.
  • Sainsburys – In 2016 there were around 15,000 extra staff employed at Christmas, it is expected that there will be an even greater number of opportunities in 2017.
  • Smyths – Popular toy retailers with store across the South East including five in Greater London: Beckton – Gallions Reach, Chadwell Heath – High Road, Charlton – Peninsular Retail Park, Friern Barnet – Friern Bridge Retail Park and Thurrock – The Junction Lakeside Shopping Park.
  • Sports Direct – One of the leading retailers of sports equipment and leisure clothing in the UK. They generally recruit extra staff for Christmas as local stores.
  • Starbucks have an excellent recruitment website where they feature permanent and temporary seasonal vacancies. You will also find general recruitment help, including terms and conditions of employment. If you have a successful period on a seasonal or temporary you’ll greatly increase your chances of being taken on as a full time employee, graduate recruit or even apprenticeship.
  • Tesco – One of Europe’s biggest employers run a significant recruitment campaign at the end of the summer for its seasonal Christmas staff. Opportunities start to be published at the beginning of September.
  • Toys R Us – Up to 3,000 seasonal vacancies across the country, stores tend to be situated in retail parks in larger towns and cities.
  • Waitrose – A limited number of in-store opportunities each Christmas, these temporary contracts are regarded by many as being a great way of getting a good reference for a permanent position.
  • Wetherspoon – The seasonal recruitment drive starts in October and continues all the way through to December. Christmas jobs London may be part time and full time and are available across the capital.

Christmas Jobs London – Feedback & Disclaimer

The objective of this page is to suggest some of the seasonal employers offering Christmas work and temporary contracts in London. We maintain this page regularly and the content should be relevant and up to date, if it is not please let us we welcome your feedback. If you have experience of working for any of the employers featured on this page or if you’d like to recommend an employer for inclusion here we’d welcome an email from you. As you might imagine we cannot take responsibility for external websites and we invite you to take a look at our disclaimer.