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The Beast Of Bluebell Hill

Big Cat Sightings In And Around The Medway Towns

Welcome to our Beast of Bluebell Hill feature. if you’re looking for similar or related information you might like to visit our archive of Kent51 features. Nearly all the information provided in these pages has been contributed by and commented on our audience so we actively solicit your thoughts. Our contact details are at the bottom of the page. If you have any local knowledge we’d welcome your feedback.

Wild animals in the Medway towns
Beasts at Bluebell Hill
Bluebell Hill enjoys a reputation as an unusual place, researchers have found some evidence (see links to Neil’s articles below) of a range of unusual phenomenon in the area but we haven’t received any significant reports from local people. If there was an individual ‘big cat’ or a modest breeding population should we expect to see more sightings and evidence?


16/5/17 “Dear Buster, Bluebell Hill is an atmospheric place, I have seen runs dogs running off the lead there but never anything that could be taken to be a wild big cat. Jon”

13/06/14 “The accounts of big cats in Bluebell Hill have been persistent for many years, this means if they were reliable there would have to be a family group at large. Where would they live and what would they eat? I just can’t see it. Anon”

“Yourcounty, The issue with Bluebell Hill is that it is just a little atmospheric nothing more or nothing less. I don’t wish to contradict anyone but how could there big a big cat or weird stuff so close to large conurbations and yet be no clear proof? Where are bodies of the old big cats? Where are the bones? Just don’t get it. Teynham Twitcher”

“Dear sirs, The area considered to be Blue Bell Hill is actually quite large and it is inevitable that different things would have happened here over a period of time. With regards the issue of the beast of Blue Bell Hill, why hasn’t the carcass or remains of one of these beasts been found. The rumors of a big cat has been going on for some time so where is the evidence? Ronnie”

“Bluebell Hill seems to attract a wide range of unusual phenomena, if there was/is a big cat there then I can understand the reports but what is the connection with UFOs, low flying super helicopters and ghosts. I am a sceptic but world like to know what circumstances could exist to pull together such disparate phenomena into just one place! Barry from Bluebell Hill”

There have been numerous sighting of big cats in Kent in recent years but the most widely reported is The Beast of Bluebell Hill. It’s a subject of particular interest to Neil Arnold who has devoted a lot of time and energy in its investigation.

I’m not sure what the make of big cat sightings but I base my opinion on the following ideas

  • There have been a large number of sighting, many from reliable witnesses and other evidence of big cats living in the wild (kills, prints).
  • It’s not inconceivable that one of the many big cats kept as exotic pets could have escaped from captivity or been released.
  • England is so densely populated that wouldn’t a live or dead specimen animal eventually be captured?

Feedback & Disclaimer – The Beast Of Bluebell Hill

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