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Kent 51 – Kent ghosts and other things you can’t explain

A Collection Of Unusual Phenomena, Several Without Any Obvious Explanation

Look beneath the surface and you’ll find that Kent has its fair share of strange and quirky happenings, many that defy any logical explanation; or perhaps we just don’t yet know what the explanation may be. The concept of Kent51 began when we received several reports of Kent ghosts and it just grew from there. It has been running for over ten years, old features expire and new ones arrive. We try to keep postings published for several years because certain phenomena only manifest from time to time. A significant number of the posting come directly from user feedback and we warmly welcome your comments.

We don’t publish everything we receive for a range of reasons and we are unable to enter into correspondence regarding our editorial policy. All contributions are published in good faith but this does not imply any endorsement from the website. We acknowledge that some reports may challenge conventional wisdom so readers need retain a degree of skepticism and make up there own minds.

Large numbers of Kent ghosts have been reported
Large numbers of Kent ghosts have been reported

Please see our disclaimer. Our contact details are at the foot of the page. Follow this link if you’re looking for our Strange But True news.

Strange But True – Nightime Helicopters

One such example is the appearance of low flying night flights by helicopters, there have been so many sightings now that there has to be some simple explanation (police/military/civil flights) but we often find no obvious reason, although we concede one may be one. One theory that was touted last year was increased security surrounding the 2012 Olympics. But as there have been more reports of the flights in 2013 in Rochester and in 2014 in Maidstone. I guess there has to be another explanation.

UFO’s and Low Flying Helicopters in Maidstone

One of the most enduring and persistent unexplained phenomena we get to hear about are the strange lights and low flying ‘helicopters’ in the wider Maidstone area. It stands to reason that areas with larger populations report more phenomena in general. However the constant trickle of UFO reports from Maidstone in 2015 is not mirrored by communication regarding other issues such as ghost sightings or hauntings.

Ghosts & UFOs

We have a large number of ghost sightings, particularly from Dover. Some can be explained quite simply but others are a little more problematic. We welcome ideas about what a particular phenomena might be but we try to avoid getting into a ping-pong of theories. Kent 51 is a collection of user based experiences, some with feedback from experts. All have puzzled the people that have been exposed to them.

We are unable to take any responsibility for the reliability or accuracy of accounts and the reader should take every posting on its respective merits. If you read through a few of the items you will get a feel for the different experiences and approaches of the authors.

Apparition on the A25 – Can you help or provide any feedback regarding this specific stretch of the A25 or other places on this important route. The fishponds have been mentioned a few times I wonder do any fishermen have anything to add? Is the road itself a source of strange energy or just more Kent ghosts?

The Bluebell Hill area has a reputation for strange happenings in general and a legendary beast in particular. The comments we have received on this issue are split down the middle. One side being confident there is something unusual here, the other asking where the evidence is. In essence so many people live in the area that would it be possible for big cat(s) to remain undetected for so long? It is a reported site for at least two Kent ghosts.

Based purely on our own e-mails Bromley seems to have a significant number of paranormal occurrences however we also have one or two accounts regarding possible Beckenham Ghosts. Shortlands in particular has an old and checkered history, is there any corroboration for the reported events.

Big Cat Attacks

“I have attached a couple of pictures which I took this morning from my field. The dead sheep was in the field next to mine. It was not there the previous evening when I checked my sheep just before dark, but was there when I checked again this morning about 9 am.”

The Black Dog of Leeds Castle is something of an enigmatic phenomena, no reports from the castle itself rather the wider environs on the Downs. This an area popular with dog walkers so to see a ‘big black dog’ running free would not be such a strange sight. As we also know there are feral dogs around, domestic pets that have been left to fend for themselves or have chosen to make their own life in the wild.

Disappearing Man – Bromley has several reports of ghostly apparitions, most seem to be be quite modern, possible connected to the WWII conflict. The general consensus is that they are just simple Kent ghosts but I’m not sure.

Dover Apparition! Frequent Kent ghost sightings. What is it about Dover, the Castle has regular reported sightings of unusual phenomena, but the town also seems to generate spooky sightings? Is it the age of Dover or is there some other explanation? By comparison Canterbury which is at least as old as Dover seems to have few reported ghostly apparitions.

Dover Castle has the reputation as being one of the most haunted places in the region. If you carefully read the accounts you will see a range of experience, not all visual. They just keep coming, year after year. The latest account published in June.

Eerie Apparition In Ightham – Have you seen anything strange in this part of the county? The original posting doesn’t seem to have provoked a lot of interest in itself? However there is some interesting follow-up including the news that this is a very ancient settlement. Not all feedback could be published.

Halloween – When Halloween comes to Kent – Where to go, what to see and why!

The Hampton Court Ghost – Not in Kent but many local connections between the county and this particular royal palace. We were sent this account which we publish in full. The Palace a has one well known ghost in particular as well as a number of other apparitions.

Hop Farm Happenings – Beltring

“I used to live in number 1 Lilly Hoo cottage, when I was around 11 years old and the house was, how should I put it, very weird, strange things used to happen in one particular room of the house, which was my bedroom and my bed used to shake at night.”

In Search Of Local Manbeasts – The lore concerning Zooform Phenomena encompasses hundreds of different creatures, a few are explored in this feature including red-eyed monsters and donkeys.

Bluewater Big Cats – Despite the sightings there is little hard evidence to support the theory that there are wild cats living wild in the area. One dilemma has to be answered before the research can be taken forward. How could such large mammals live in a densely populated area and yet not be seen, where is the evidence of their activity and even if they were dead would their remains be found?

Kent Big Cat Research

Smaller cats also inhabit Kent. The Lynx is known for its bobbed tail and tufted ears, there are various species with marked coats whilst the Caracal is similar looking, but has a longer tail and appears rusted in colour.

Kent’s Phantom Hounds – By Neil Arnold

Legends of ghostly black dogs, and hounds of Hell, are common throughout the world, from Black Shuck, Stryker, Guytrash and Padfoot in the UK, to Garm of Norse mythology. Classified as Kent ghosts?

Kent UFO – We are not alone

“i glanced into the south east sky only to see a round white object that looked quite a distance away in the clear sky. it had another smaller white object just above and to the right slightly.”

Maidstone Sighting – Lights UFOs and Military Helicopters

“We both have never seen something so bright in the sky which is obviously not plane like as there where no flashing lights. Totally gobsmacked!”

Margate Lights Did you see anything during the Olympics in 2004? Accounts of unexplained phenomena on the North Kent coast going back eight years.

Orbit Close – The Walderslade Phantom Helicopter. Reports and interest in the nigh time helicopter flights in the Chatham/Rochester area, centered over Walderslade have increased significantly in the last twelve months. There was a peak of activity in the summer of 2012. There is likely to be an explanation as these sightings are clearly normal helicopters rather some ufo phenomena. However their frequency is unusual and the purpose in obscured.

Northfleet Hauntings – Have you heard of these Kent ghosts?

“I heard a story from a family friend’s son as a child and then independently 15 years later from an old school friend. I thought it was nothing more than a story made up to scare me at first but became interested again after being reminded of it so many years later.”

Oxney Bottom enjoys a reputation as a frightening place, there is however very little concrete evidence to support this widely held view. It seems as if the negative view about Oxney is held primarily local people and there are several mentions of an apparition ‘the grey lady’ but very few reliable accounts. The sheer volume of comment suggests the view that this place is scary is noteworthy but in itself this doesn’t prove anything. Is it home to Kent ghosts?

Scariest Place In Kent – Neil Arnold’s personal perspective

It’s late, it’s foggy, and the headlights of your rain-spattered vehicle are constantly fighting to puncture the grey haze ahead, battling to sweep aside the thickening gloom, in order to pick out the route ahead. As your eyes concentrate on the misty road, suddenly a figure steps into the road from the woods on the left, it is a woman, rain-soaked.

The Police & The Predators – East Kent Big Cats

They claimed that over a period of two months over twenty sheep had been preyed upon by what they said was, “…a dog bigger than a Labrador”.

Weird Kent Creatures – Neil Arnold investigates

They claimed that over a period of two months over twenty sheep had been preyed upon by what they said was, “…a dog bigger than a Labrador”.

More Weird Creature – What’s hiding in your local woods?

The monster had the head of an ass, the belly of a human being, and other monstrous members and limbs of animals very unlike each other.

Wallaby on the North Downs – Where did it come from?

Seen again in Tonbridge this week 26/11/2018. Isolated sighting occur from time to time as far east as the Canterbury area. It’s a sure bet that there Wallabies wild in Kent but it seems that they struggle to create sustainable groups.

Walderslade Woods

“The strange occurrences in Walderslade Woods seem to be connected to the building projects down the years; early 1970’s. I think the road building more than the house building.”

“Why not feature Walderslade Woods in the Kent ghosts?”

Feedback & Disclaimer

This content is checked but if you find that any links are broken or content out of date let us know.This is a page under constant improvement. We welcome your feedback but we may not be able to publish everything we receive. We take care over our content but we’re happy to correct any factual errors, please see our disclaimer.



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