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Bromley Ghosts – Ghost reports from the Bromley area

Bromley Ghosts, Wartime Apparitions In Kent

Welcome to our Bromley ghosts page. Follow this link to our archive of Kent51 features. In the years we been publishing haunting and ghosts reports, user feedback has been central to the growth and development of our content. If you have any experience of such phenomena or wish to share local knowledge we’d welcome your comments. More Kent ghosts here or follow this link for Strange but True.

Many of the reported sightings of Bromley ghosts  seem to be connected to the nearby wartime activity at Biggin Hill. A second point of interest is the number of sightings around the Chatterton Road area, any ideas why? There is a persistent RAF WWII theme going on here which may be helpful or not in understanding this phenomenon.


23/09/18 “Dear Stephen, I can’t believe the haunted United Services Club has not been featured in your Bromley Ghosts feature. I’m pretty sure the apparition of a navy captain has been reported in print and on a TV ghost show. Cal.


15/12/16 “I can’t believe that you haven’t had any reports from Chislehurst, it is scariest place in the Bromley area (probably the whole of London. If there are any Bromley ghosts it will be at the caves. I think they used to do human sacrifices down there. There was a book written by the local history society, pretty crappy but very scary. The caves themselves are terrifying, I hate having to walk near them at night. BP”


03/04/14 “A quick thought for Colin, the more evidence for a claim the more seriously it can be taken, this doesn’t mean we don’t take one off reports without corroboration seriously, rather that they fall into a different category. If an unusual occurrence is seen by three people on their way how from the pub do we take it more seriously than individual events seen on the same spot but a plethora of witnesses over a ten year period? An interested observer”


“If there are fighter pilot ghosts they would be in Biggin Hill not Bromley Common, I personally think we shouldn’t take sightings seriously unless there are at least two independent reports from different sources. Colin Harris”


“Debbie, ghosts in Bromley – we’re a little short on evidence and big on opinions, where are these ghosts and spirits, when do the appear, how can we test these stores? Tat from Croydon”


“Regarding ghots in Chatterton Road in Bromley, there have been a number of sightings of WWII ghosts in this area, I think there were men stationed here that served at Biggin Hill, this must be the connection.Debbie G, Bromley.”


“In the late 1980’s I lived on Chatterton Road and saw a man dressed in a blue military uniform from my rented room that overlooked the street. His shoes made no sound on the pavement. Some weeks later I overheard a patron of the Chatterton Arms talking about the ghost of a serviceman often seen in the street. The description matched the man I saw exactly. Peter from Malaga”


“I was shop fitting in Chatterton Road about six years ago, one of the lads I was working with was certain he saw a ghost in a RAF uniform very late on a Thursday evening. We did rip it out of him but he stuck to his story. John, Battle”


“I saw something in Bromley in 1996, I was walking in Chattenden Road (midway between Bromley and Bromley Common). I had been out for a meal with two friends, I had very little to drink and it was a clear March night. I saw a man dressed in a Navy Blue uniform walk towards us on the street, the person didn’t seem to look at us at all and when he passed by but I felt very uncomfortable. I was so uneasy I turned my head around as soon as we had passed but he had gone, I was spooked and made my friends stop and look around, they were in conversation and took no notice when he passed us by but they had seen him. I got my leg pulled and I dropped the subject. I know what I saw and the man disappeared into thin air, I wonder could this be linked to The Biggin Hill ghosts, it must only be a few miles from Chattenden Road to Biggin Hill. I never saw anything like this again.”

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