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Strange but True – You won’t believe it!

Strange But True News

If you’re looking for Kent strange but true phenomena; ghosts, hauntings, UFOs and mysteries visit the Kent 51 features.

UFO Reported By Three Pilots

According to Time, Irish authorities are investigating sightings by three pilots of a UFO on November the 9th. Whilst such sightings are relatively common, it is unusual to have the reports corroborated by different reliable witnesses.

The Most Haunted Town In America

Care to hazard a guess of the most haunted place in the USA? It might surprise many that in a town as small as Gettysburg, with a population of less than 8,000 there are 10 organizations providing ghost tours or paranormal investigations. But military historians will probably know that Gettysburg was the scene of a

terrible three day battle in 1863 in which 10,000 people died. Further details in The Guardian.

Rats Dreaming Of Tomorrow

Based on interpretation of recent strange but true research at UCL reported in New Scientist, rats may dream about what they would like to do the following day. Inevitably theories regarding the content of animal dreams contain some conjecture but there is evidence based on the neurology of humans that rats may be able to picture the future.

Pyramid Shape Found On Planet By NASA

The latest strange but true reports from Sky News indicate that NASA scientists

are investigating a three mile high ‘pyramid-shaped’ mountain on the dwarf planet Ceres. NASA’s Dawn spacecraft is currently in orbit above the Ceres.

Anti-Ageing Drugs – Used By Millions Already

New Scientist reports there is emerging evidence that relatively cheap and accessible medication may be able to help people defy age and live longer. Geroprotectors hold the potential to add a decade to the average lifespan, and because they are currently being used for a range of conditions they are already in the market.

Oxford Scientists Set Out To Find Yeti

The Independent carries a short story connected to the discovery of hairs found in the Himalayas that may come from a bear that hasn’t been seen since the Pleistocene era. It is possible that if existent the bear may have a connection with the persistent Yeti legend.

Strange But True – Soccer Player Hit By Plane

A football player was struck by a paper plane thrown from the stands in the recent international game between England and Peru. Full detail,s and the amazing video at Sky News.

Police Car Plays Hip Hop

One of the latest ‘viral’ clips on YouTube seems to show an Essex Police car in Chelmsford town centre playing the Sound of Da Police, a hit from the 1990s. The full story can be found at The Telegraph website.

Addicted Sheep Commit Suicide

There are reports coming out of Australia that hundreds of sheep in parts of NSW are experiencing great suffering following addition to a local wild plant called the darling pea. The sheep graze on the darling pea which is toxic to them and have been observed engaging in erratic behavior including the loss of coordination and a state which is presumed to be depression. Full details of the story can be found at

Just Once Is Enough

Scientists from the University of Massachusetts Medical School have revealed that a solitary night of binge drinking can have a significantly negative impact on health. The full story at Science Daily.

Welsh People Are Being Targeted For Abduction

Well known ufologist and abduction victim Hilary Porter has identified a stretch of road between Cardiff and Swansea that is being targeted by telepathic aliens according to Wales Online.

The Loch Ness Monster Is A Water Spirit

A Buddhist leader in Scotland has suggested that the Loch Ness monster might be a Naga or water spirit. Naga is the Sanskrit and Pāli word for a being, possibly a deity taking the form of a snake or reptile with a strong connection to water. The concept of Nagas exists across Asia but are particularly prevalent in: Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. For more details take a look at The Scotsman website.

The Secret To The Building Of The Pyramids

Another decade and another theory about the constructions of the Egyptian stone monoliths. Researchers from the University of Amsterdam suggest transporting large stones may have been possible using sleds if water was used to create that right conditions of dampness to allow the sled to be pulled. More details at the Daily Mail.

The Black Ring Of Leamington Spa

There has been a mysterious object in the sky above Leamington Spa, it has been captured and recorded by Georgina Heap (16), on her iPhone. The object remained in the sky for three minutes and then vanished. Full details at The Daily Mail.

Mayor Makes A Trip To Tesco – In His Car

It was a question of buckle your seat belts when a car drove through the front door of the Tesco Express in Lawson Place in Suffolk on Tuesday 21/05/13. No staff or customers were injured and there was minimal damage to the car or the store. The story was picked up quickly by the media because the driver of the car was the Mayor of St Edmundsbury, Councillor Terry Buckle. In the spirit of customer service excellence the doors opened as the car approached them! You can find details of the story at the BBC local news website.

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