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Universal Jobmatch

Universal Jobmatch, Job Search

UK Government JobSearch Feature – Universal Jobmatch

The Universal Jobmatch website has received criticism from the outset, the general look and feel was a significant improvement from the old Jobcentre Plus website. If you want to use all the facilities connected to the website you’ll firstly need to register. The website has a lot more information than just local jobs, take a few moments to look around, jobs around the world, benefit and training information and much more. Sign up for the job alert service and keep checking even when you manage to find employment (just a quick note about the job alert service, we have several reports that it is not yet working, has anyone had any success with this yet?). This link for your local JobcentrePlus.

It has been a few weeks since our last review of this service, things have been fine tuned and we notice some improvements but we like to stress again that you will need to log on and register in order to get the most from the service. This doesn’t mean that you can’t access the jobs, in the first instance if all you want to do is to view the vacancies on the systems you won’t need to set up an account. If you don’t have an account you might not be able to apply for all jobs online, set up an email alert or store your CV on the system. This page holds information regarding the the Universal Jobsmatch feature, this link for Kent jobs and employers.

If you’d like more details please read on. If you come across some bugs or errors with the Universal Jobsmatch let us know and we’ll feed the details back into the DWP website. Since the middle of November there have been several improvements to the way you can search the Government’s online job databases, not just the UK vacancies but also the European and international jobs. We’ve now had some lengthy searches on the site and made a full investigation of the facilities available. We’ve set out our experience below but as a summary we’d say – if you’re looking for a job, or are thinking about moving from your current position the Universal Jobsmatch is a good resource. A word of caution, you won’t get the most out of it unless you register! It’s much more than a vacancy database you can access a wide range of employment and benefit related resources through the pages.

Yourcounty has been publishing links to job resources and value added help for over a decade. In that time our content has been shaped and improved by our users and researchers. If you have a particularly good or bad experience with the Universal Jobmatch we’d welcome your comments. If appropriate we’ll pool feedback and pass it on to the relevant .gov department so that they might develop their coverage. Our contact information is below.

Universal Jobmatch
Universal Jobmatch

If you’re looking for Jobseeker Allowance help, this is now on a separate page. This link may be useful if you want to know about how the Universal Credit may affect Jobseeker’s Allowance and any other benefits you may have previously been entitled too. The Universal Credit is also set to replace: Child Tax Credits, Employment & Support Allowance, Income Support, Working Tax Credits and Housing Benefit.

The Features Of – Universal Jobmatch

The first thing to say about this service, is that although you’ll be able to browse current vacancies you’ll need to register and create an account in order to enjoy the full range of services. Registration requires two things, a current valid email address as well as a Government Gateway account. Access the service at

Our own initial view is that this service is definitely a step in the right direction as far as technology goes, getting a Government Gateway account can be a bit clunky and might put some users off! The look and feel is much more modern and interactive and those jobseekers who invest in a Government Gateway sign up will see a much improved agency style service.

Online Job searching

The Jobmatch service is completely free, job posting and matching services bring together employers and job seekers. It’s available 24/7 and should be accessible from public and private computer terminals. With this service job seekers can upload and create a CV, it’s possible to set up bespoke job search and job filtering services. There is also a possibility to receive ongoing job alerts against pre-set search criteria. A great improvement on the old service is that you can search and apply for jobs online. Rather than call a contact number which was frequently the case with the jobcentre plus database.

Your Comments

“Dear Yourcounty,

I don’t think you stressed enough the benefits of registering when you use the universal job search,, if you don’t you can’t save your job, nor put up a CV to send or save, in fact you’re only really browsing the facility the same way you would in the job centre. There is also an email alert that you can set up, it’s quite hard to do but well worth the effort…

“I don’t think you mentioned that you can search international jobs through the Universal Jobsmatch databasa (sic), my daughter has applied for vacancies in both Italy and Ireland. I know not everyone will want this but it seems like a wonderful innovation.”

“It might be me but I haven’t been able to set us the jobs alert service, I can’t find anyway of registering for this, am I the only person having this problem? Tara from Twickenham”

“Dear Yourcounty, I can’t find the email alert service am I missing something? Also can’t seem to search for jobs based on pay scales. can you help?”

“Nope can’t get email alerts, I also can no longer search based on hourly wage, I’m sure this was possible earlier, can you help?” | CV Uploading And Editing

There is a CV editing facility that allows registered users to upload, amend and save their CV online. Online help and hints enable users to fine tune the document. Once the CV is in place it can be used created matches to vacancies. The print facility will allow a hard copy to be made of any ‘single document’ within an account.

Job seekers can be automatically matched to vacancies via their CV or even keywords used on the online profile which can be set up. The matches then triggers a message to the user’s account and creates an email alert.

Follow these links if you need contact details for your local Jobcentre and an outline of the services they provide. As high as our praise for the online Universal Jobsmatch service is, it’s worth noting that some services can only be accessed through a visit to local facility.

Help For Freelancers And The Self Employed

We’re still seeing some complaints about the lack of help being made available to self employed and freelance job seekers. We’re researching this at the moment and will come back with more details when our investigations are complete.


If you’re unable to access the new website for any reason you can call Jobcentre Plus on 0845 606 0234 or get the textphone service on 0845 605 5255. The lines are manned Mon to Fri from 8am to 6pm.

Universal Jobmatch – Feedback & Disclaimer

Let us know if you spot mistakes or omissions on this page, we do feature user comments from time to time, we publish these in good faith but take a quick look at our disclaimer. If you’ve had a good look at this page and the website in general you’ll see that we rely on user feedback to add value to our own views, so we are always happy to receive the thoughts of our users. At the time of writing there were still a few problems with this service so we’ll continue to publish feedback where we have it.

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