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Estate Agent Jobs

Estate Agent Jobs In Kent

Welcome to the Yourcounty estate agent jobs page. Its aim is to provide a brief guide to working for estate and letting agencies and to link directly and indirectly to current vacancies in the region. Through our local property pages we feature most of the agencies in Kent, and if you’re just looking for details of agencies sorted by district this page should do the the job for you. If you’d like some general information about working in the property sale and letting sectors read on. This link for the main Jobs in Kent features.

The most important component of our employment content is our user feedback. Your comments are helping to shape and develop our features and we welcome your thoughts about working for estate agents and their recruitment processes.

What Do Estate Agents Do?

The main activity of estate agents is the marketing and sale of residential and commercial properties, businesses or land on behalf of their customers. They may also buy these same commodities on behalf of their clients. Many estate agents also act as letting agents, arranging the rental and letting of residential and commercial property and sometimes undertaking fee based management of rented properties. Into this mix there are also dedicated letting agents who have no sales activity.  The sector can be sub dived much further into: rural, urban, land specialists, commercial property specialists, student letting specialist and so on. However the scope of this page is to provide some general information and link to useful resources. A modern large estate agency is dependent on a number of different professionals to successfully undertake its activity, here we focus on those tasks experienced in all sectors to this industry.

Marketing of the agency, it needs to attract customers wanting to sell their houses. When a property is going to come to market accurate information about the property, usually including photographs need to be collected, a valuation has to be made and a contract signed. At this point buyers for the property need to be attracted, viewings of the property arranged and an element of negotiation may be required with eventual buyers. Throughout the whole process there is a significant amount of liaison with many stakeholders and a degree of compliance with rules and regulations has to be achieved.

Estate Agent Jobs
Estate Agent Jobs

The role of letting agents includes attracting landlords and properties to rent, gathering accurate information about the properties. Then the properties have to be marketed and potential tenants vetted, when a property is let there are ongoing management responsibilities including the collection of the rent. There are also issues of compliance and liaison in property rental management. If you’d like more information about the standards and compliance property sector visit the RICS website.

What Estate Agent Jobs Are There?

Estate agents are major employers in Kent and across the UK, they can have quite a high turnover of staff so there are usually lots of vacancies even when unemployment rates are high. A big estate agent will advertise a wide range of employment opportunities; traditional estate agent jobs and letting agent roles as well as support functions in areas like HR, IT, marketing and finance. Their core business is however to sell and let houses.

To give you an idea of where to start, traditional estate agent and letting agent jobs include:

  • Estate Agency Administrator
  • Letting Agent
  • Estate Agent Branch Manager
  • Lettings Manager
  • Negotiator
  • Property Manager
  • Trainee Negotiator
  • Property Valuer
  • Trainee Estate Agent
  • Sales Agent
  • Trainee Letting Agent

There are several hundred estate agent offices in Kent alone. If you are looking for a job the best system is to identify those agents in the area where you’d like to work and visit their websites, check out their current vacancies and apply for any relevant jobs. It’s usually possible to send them a CV even if they don’t have an opening at this time. Target the ten most suitable firms, produce your CV and covering letter to as high a standard as possible and put your details into the job market place.

Property Jobs – Disclaimer And Feedback

We hope you find this feature useful, we make every effort to ensure the content is up to date and relevant but feel free to let us know it you spot any errors in this feature. Feel free to submit information for free inclusion. Please see our disclaimer.

Estate Agent Jobs – User Feedback

Are you able to answer Maggie’s question? If so send an email to the feedback address.

“I recently went for an interview with a local estate agent (with branches throughout Kent), the position was for a freelance/self employed agent, like a mini franchise within a franchise, it was a commission only post but a successful applicant would have been expected to pay several hundred pounds for training. Do you or any of your readers know about this scheme and can you link to any ‘real life’ stories?”

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