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Emergency Services Jobs

Emergency Services Jobs

Careers With The Fire And Rescue, Police, Ambulance And Security Services

Welcome to the Yourcounty emergency services jobs pages. The purpose of this page is to feature emergency service and armed forces employers together with careers in law and order. We publish information and links on this page; some internal, some external, most jobs based in Kent others further afield. Most of the organizations listed on this page may have quite strict eligibility requirements, you may save yourself a lot of time if you investigate these before you make your application.

As always we are pleased to get your feedback about any of these employers. Contact details at the foot of the page.

Employers and vacancy links on this page fall into three distinct groups. Those directly related to the traditional emergency services (Ambulance, Fire & Rescue and Police) agencies linked to law and order, typically organizations reporting to the Justice Ministry (Prison and Probation Service) and forces involved directly in the defense of the realm (the military and security agencies).

Emergency Services Jobs

In the UK we think of the emergency services as being those agencies working across the whole of the country that respond to emergencies and can be reached through the 999 telephone number. The Health Service (in the guise of the Ambulance Service, The Fire & Rescue Service and the Police). However there are in fact dozens of organs that are prepared to respond to emergencies, some of them can be directly engaged by calling 999, other are generally contacted by one of the other services. A few examples are: Bomb Disposal, The Lifeboat Service and Mountain Rescue.

The Justice Ministry

Created in 2007, the Justice Ministry is responsible for increasing the wider confidence in the agencies of justice, protecting the public as well as reducing offending. Most people will be familiar with the Prison Service and Probation Service but may not be quite so aware of the job opportunities available with: Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, HM Courts & Tribunals Service, the Ministry of Justice itself and the Youth Justice Board.

The Defence Of The Realm

Two different kinds of agencies offering jobs and careers, the traditional armed forces like the Army and Royal Marines and national security services such as MI5 and MI6.

  • The Army – The TA – The British Army is in a phase of transition, suitable candidates are being recruited to take the organisation forward in a rapidly changing world. The basis for the relationship requires that you join a train with a local unit, so check to see where your local TA camp is.
  • SECAMS (Formerly the Kent Ambulance Service) – Now restructured as part of South East Coast Ambulance Service, this link leads to our KENT NHS job page, which has extensive information about joining the NHS in general the the Ambulance Service specifically.
  • Kent Coastguard – Part of the Maritime & Coastguard Agency, the organisation has over 1,200 employees and around 4,000 volunteers.
  • Kent Fire and Rescue Service – Jobs are advertised through their own careers page on the corporate website. The service covers Kent and Medway. Its responsibilities include: the provision of emergency response, fire fighting, attending RTAs and a range of rescue related services.
  • Kent Police – Kent Police employ over 1,500 civilians to support and assist the work of over 3,100 officers based in all parts of the county. Recruitment seems to have become a little easier again as we enter the second half of 2013, expect more vacancies, keep checking the website.
Emergency Services Jobs
Kent Police – Kent Emergency Services Jobs
  • Kent Police Specials – The Special Constabulary are trained volunteers who work with and support Kent Police. There are around 330 Specials in the county.
  • Metropolitan Police – The Metropolitan Police Service (often referred to at The Met) has extensive job and career information through a dedicated website. Our details regarding Uniformed Officer recruitment has been recently updated.
  • MI5, The Security Service – MI5, The Security Service has responsibilities for protecting the UK against threats to our national interests.
  • MI6, The Secret Intelligence Service – The Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) began to recruit its spies openly less than a decade ago. Because of the vetting needed to join a covert intelligence organisation the recruitment process can take a considerable time (up to a year in some cases), you need to plan ahead if you wish to apply.
  • MoD On-line – The Ministry of Defence (MoD) career website links to the other armed forces websites and provides vacancy details for civilian MoD jobs. You might now know this but the MoD has thousands of civilian employees involved in jobs as varied as web masters, vets and administrators.
  • Prison Service – The Prison Service has ongoing recruitment of both Prison Officers and support functions. We link to privatised and public sector prisons.
  • The Kent Probation Service – The National Probation Service is an important part of the National Offender Management Service. because of the large number of prisons in Kent it is particularly active in the county.
  • Royal Marine Careers – The Royal Marines are the Royal Navy’s sea born infantry and elite force. They are a small but highly respected corps, also known as the ‘Green Berets’.

Emergency Services Jobs – Disclaimer & Feedback

We hope you find this feature both relevant and up to date. it’s aim to list some of the main job opportunities in the military and local emergency services. We have most of the bases covered but there are more potential employment opportunities that we have featured. This isn’t a static list and we’re happy to add new employers and change or update the information. Let us know is you think we can improve the content here. We can’t control the information held on other websites so please take a moment to review our disclaimer.

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