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Dover District Council Jobs

Dover District Council Jobs, Employment And Careers With DDC

Welcome to our Dover District Council jobs page. The district of Dover covers a total area of 120 square miles, and includes the towns of Dover, Deal and Sandwich as well as many villages. This part of East Kent is rich in heritage, natural beauty and is Britain’s doorway to Europe. 14 million passengers travel through the port of Dover every year! The current population is over 110,000. Jobs at Dover Council on this page, this link for the main jobs in Kent page. Dover (or Douvres as the French call it). Is the UK’s closest port to mainland Europe, an ancient settlement and an iconic symbol recognised then world over (Dover Castle, the White Cliffs of Dover etc). For details of local employers and links to local jobs visit the local Dover jobs page.

Dover District Council Jobs

Canterbury City Council,  Thanet District Council and Dover District Council jobs are centrally administered. At the time of our last visit vacancies included:

  • Visitor Services Officer (4) – Canterbury City Council – £16,913 to £17,688
  • HR Systems Administration Apprentice – Dover District Council – £5.25 per hour
  • Project Officer (Townscape Heritage Initiative – Dalby Square) – Thanet District Council
    Starting Salary £34,011 per annum, with opportunity for progression to £38,773
  • Customer Advisor x 2 – EK Services – Starting Salary £20,712 per annum
  • Enforcement Officer – Canterbury City Council – £21,850 to £23,087 pro rata
  • Independent Board Members – Whitstable Harbour – Canterbury City Council
  • Housing Improvement Officer – Thanet District Council -Starting Salary £29,896 per annum
  • Pier Attendant – Dover District Council -Salary £18,612 to £21,465 per annum (pro rata)
  • Pioneering Canterbury Exhibitions and Heritage Producer – Canterbury Marlowe – £26,511
  • Pioneering Canterbury Digital Producer – Canterbury Marlowe – £26,511
  • Pioneering Canterbury Collections Assistant – Canterbury Marlowe – £18,259
  • HR Officer – Dover District Council – £18,612 to £21,465 per annum
  • Commercial Lawyer -Dover District Council – £42,813 – £48,445 per annum plus car allowance of £5,869
Dover District Council Jobs
Dover District Council Jobs

The Council

Current Dover District Council jobs are published on the DDC website. The local authorities in East Kent all the use the same job portal so you can see vacancies for: Dover, Thanet and Canterbury on one website. DDC has a published equal opportunities policy, they are “committed to providing relevant and accessible services to all the people who live and work in Dover.”

When we last visited the Council website and reviewed their organisational structure the council’s activities were arranged into seven distinct teams (a 2012 restructuring may have changed the Management Team but the basic functions remain the same):

  • Office of the Chief Executive
    • Responsibility for the economic regeneration of the area, supporting practical and secretarial help to the Chief Executive’s office.
  • Governance
    • Legal services ensuring the Council acts lawfully in all matters.
    • The East Kent Audit Partnership, a joint venture between; Canterbury City Council, Dover District Council, Shepway District Council and Thanet District Council.
    • Performance and Risk gather information and carry out analysis and analytical functions.
    • East Kent Human Resources Partnership is an alliance between the four East Kent local authorities to pool expertise and share costs. The partnership is estimated to save each of the four authorities about £100,000 per annum.
  • Finance and ICT
    • As you might imagine the accountancy team carry out the traditional local authority finance functions such as responsibility for actual bank accounts, budgets and treasury management. Producing reports for all relevant stakeholders, completing returns.
    • Procurement best practise is an indispensable part of local government, it requires that all national and European legislation is taken into account in a procurement context.
    • ICT are responsible for all computer networks, the computers connected to them and the software running on these machines.
  • Property, Leisure and Waste Management
    • Property Services – In common with most local authorities DDC has responsibility for a number of physical and material assets. The post war Coast Protection Act empowers local authorities to protect the coastline from erosion. Public toilets, markets, cemeteries, council buildings and facilities are all just a part of the responsibility of Dover’s Property Department.
    • The Parking and CCTV team are responsible for installing, maintaining CCTV across the district, monitoring the output from the CCTV and liaising with any apposite third party. The 30 off street parking areas are managed by the Parking Unit.
    • Leisure Services are responsible for the management (or delegated management) for all public leisure facilities across the district including: Dover Leisure Centre, Tides and the Deal Indoor Tennis Centre.
  • Business and Community Transformation
    • Enforcement and counter fraud.
    • Council Tax calculation, collection and management.
    • The paying of benefits to the thousands of residents that depend on them.
    • Community Transformation through regeneration, health and well being projects, and initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life of individuals and communities.
    • Corporate issues like equality, communication and consultation projects
  • Housing, Culture and Community Safety
    • The council has responsibility for managing nearly 5,000 council houses and flats.
    • Strategic housing plans require an understanding of the private and public housing needs both now and in the future.
    • Museums and tourism falls within this area of responsibility and includes The Dover Museum and The White Cliffs tourism project.
    • Anti-Social Behavior in handled by a joint venture between the council and the local police known as the Community Safety Unit.
  • Development and Public Protection
    • Conservation is a crucial issue in an area of such historical importance as Dover, Deal and Sandwich. The council is expected to protect and where possible improve natural features, the general environment and important buildings.
    • Simply put Building Control can be thought of as having two distinct parts, Building Regulations Fee Earning (known as BRFE) and Building Regulations Implementation.
    • Environmental Health in Dover District Council is concerned with protecting the public through:
      • Developing and managing a system of food safety and hygiene control whereever food is prepared and/or served publicly.
      • Health and safety in the workplace is an essential tool to protect employees and members of the public alike.
      • The council has certain statutory responsibilities with regard ships and boats entering the port.
    • The Environmental Protection team are involved in; pollution control, pest control and dog control activities.

Location And Contacts

Public sector jobs are in short supply at the present time. Vacancies for Canterbury, Dover, Shepway and Thanet are now managed by a central recruitment team the East Kent HR Partnership:

  • East Kent HR Partnership, Dover District Council, White Cliffs Business Park, Whitfield, CT16 3PJ
  • 01304 872799

Dover District Council Jobs – Disclaimer

We aim to ensure that our DDC jobs feature is both relevant and up to date so it is carefully researched and checked regularly. However things do change so if you spot an error or omission do let us know. We’d welcome your feedback if you have some feedback about working for DDC or their recruitment methods. Please see our disclaimer.

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