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CPS Jobs

CPS Jobs In Kent And Beyond

About The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is the organisation responsible for prosecuting criminal cases. The CPS is not only the biggest legal firm in the UK dealing with criminal casework, but it’s one of the largest in Europe. It’s primary activities are; to ensure that people feel as safe as possible, to prosecute ‘wrongdoers’ and support victims of crime. CPS jobs cover a wide range of legal and administrative functions.

In the early part of the 19th century the formal creation of police forces was in full swing. This led to both the detection and prosecution of crimes and criminals being the responsibility of those embryonic police forces. The office of the Director of Public Prosecution was instituted in 1880, but it only dealt with difficult or sensitive cases. It wasn’t until the Prosecution of Offences Act 1985 that one body with the responsibility for all public prosecutions was created. The Crown Prosecution Service started operating in 1986 under the management of the Director of Public Prosecution.  Our current estimate is that the CPS employs around 6,900 people of which around 2,800 are solicitors and barristers. Advertised CPS jobs include non-legal opportunities.

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cps jobs
CPS employ thousands of legal and admin staff

The CPS Central Teams

There is a HQ team dealing with the day to day running of the organisation as well as strategic issues. The operational side is quite small because each of the regional units has its own Operations Centre.  There is a a team responsible for providing charging decisions and advice to the police out of office hours. The nature of certain criminal cases are so specialised that it requires prosecutors with appropriate levels of skills and experience to be able to deal with them. The CPS has five such casework divisions dealing with: Fraud, Counter Terrorism & Special Crime, International Crime, Organised Crime and a Division dealing with Welfare, Rural & Health.The Crown Prosecution Service Regional Units

Each of the 13 regional units is managed by a Chief Crown Prosecutor. The CPS South East Area is fairly typical of the way the regional units are structured. CPS South East covers; Kent, Sussex and Surrey, an area of some three and a half thousand miles and four million people. The county boundaries also reflect the three operational units within the CPS region. There is a Area Operations Centre where much of the day to day management of the region takes place.

Headquartered in London and York, the CPS manages the organisation, sets policies and handles corporate matters (such as finance and communications). The Director of Public Prosecutions is assisted by the CPS Chief Executive in running the organisation.

Most of its casework is dealt with by the thirteen CPS Areas, which are responsible for conducting prosecutions in specific parts of England and Wales; each area is led by a Chief Crown Prosecutor. There are (at the time of writing) about 165 CPS staff in Kent, working primarily out of the Canterbury offices. Their annual workload is the prosecution of about 23,000 cases, 10% in the Crown Court the balance in the Magistrate’s Court.

CPS Jobs

CPS staff work in one of three areas:

  • Prosecution – The responsibility for the actual prosecution is in the hands of barristers and lawyers.
  • Paralegal – Undertake essential work in preparing a case to the point where it can be taken to court.
  • Administration – Provide all the necessary support services required in running the organisation; financial, it, management, estates, training, communication and much more.

When you read through the recruitment and corporate literature of the CPS one of the ideas that is emphasized is ‘championing justice’, this I think will need to be one of the motivating factors of joining the service. It might also need to be made apparent in any application a candidate makes. As well as making applications you can also sign up for the CPS jobs electronic updates.

Location & Contacts

CPS jobs can be found here.


  • The Crown Prosecution Service, Rose Court, 2 Southwark Bridge, London, SE1 9HS
  • 020 3357 0000

The CPS in Kent

  • CPS Canterbury Office, Riding Gate House, 37 Old Dover Road, Canterbury, Kent, CT1 3JG
  • 01227 866000

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