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Christmas Jobs Bromley

Christmas Jobs Bromley 2017

We feature some help and resources connected with temporary and seasonal work in the London Borough of Bromley on this page. Christmas jobs London can be found here. We have been running Xmas vacancy information for nearly a decade. We highlight some of the opportunities available, supporting this with general advice and links to relevant resources. We also like to add some value by sharing our own research and user experience of specific Christmas employment opportunities. If you have some first hand knowledge, either good and bad, we are happy to receive submissions for inclusion on this, our Christmas jobs Bromley page.

This link if you want the main Bromley jobs page. The general advice for seasonal work is to do some research and apply early. The jobs offering the best pay and conditions will be the first to go and the better prepared you are, the greater your chances will be. Don’t underestimate the competition. Despite the falling unemployment rates at the time of writing good Christmas jobs get cherry picked by the best applicants that are well prepared.

Christmas Jobs Bromley

We have been publishing Kent based Xmas vacancies for more years than I care to remember, and there will be some useful information there for local job seekers. The purpose of this feature is to list twenty to thirty of the largest employers of seasonal staff in Bromley, Beckenham, Orpington, Penge and the surrounding area. The recruitment of Christmas staff begins in September, gathers pace in October, peaking in the first week of November. It gradually starts to decline in mid-December although there are some vacancies for staff over the Christmas New Year period, the January sales lead to increased retail activity but most of the vacancies will be filled by staff working in the run up to Christmas.

Finding a Christmas Job Bromley

Some SME employers need extra help at Christmas but may not have formal recruitment structures in place, many businesses still put signs in their window advertising vacancies. Delivering CV’s by hand to potential employers can still be a useful way of getting an interview.

Jobcentre plus always features a large number of seasonal jobs, it’s always worth checking them out. Temporary Christmas work can be a useful way to get some experience with an employer as a basis to land a full time job in the new year. If you’re already in work and are looking for a part time Christmas job in additions to your regular employment, there are opportunities for reduced, bank and flexible hour contracts. Amongst the employers seeking temporary or seasonal staff during 2017 are likely to be:

  • Argos is an established and an easily recognizable high street retailer with a very particular business model known to most people. Most large towns have at least one store. Hundreds of extra staff are recruited in the Christmas season.
  • Asda is just one of the supermarket chains that recruits significant numbers of staff at Christmas. There is some basic training and contracts of about eight months duration are offered. Casual staff can be invited back year after year and may also get the chance for a full time permanent role. It is pretty good and reliable Christmas work.
  • Bromley Healthcare – Some community health services in the Bromley area have been provided by Bromley Healthcare since April 2011. The care sector is a big recruiter of temporary and casual staff 12 months a year. There are often opportunities to cover staff holidays in the Christmas season, but you’ll need to be recruited and trained before December. Ideally apply at the start of October to be sure of being in post by December.
  • Debenhams –  Nationally the retailer usually recruits several thousand Christmas people to cover the extra Christmas shopping and January sales workload. You’ll need to get started on your application as soon as possible as their recruitment starts during August. They have vacancies for full time, part time and flexi hour contracts.
  • Gumtree offers a comprehensive temporary Christmas job section, job details start to appear in significant numbers. You can search the service for seasonal vacancies in the London Borough of Bromley or any geographic area with the use of keywords.
  • Iceland – Between two and a half and three and a half thousand employees are typically recruited each Christmas, a significant number for branches in the South East.
  • KFC – Both full time and part time workers are recruited at Christmas. The business has developed communications and recruitment channels so most of the information you’ll need is available online. Do a little research before you apply, it will make a big difference to your chances of success.
Christmas jobs Bromley 2017
Literally thousands of Christmas jobs Bromley
  • Matalan – Temporary retail work in most stores is available, in common with the whole retail sector their workload goes through the roof in December and January.
  • Morrisons – Seasonal jobs are usually available, watch the website and make a good quality application as soon as Christmas jobs are advertised.
  • Next – If you need some extra cash at and have interested in fashion? The Bromley Next store usually take on seasonal staff in November and December.
  • O2 -Extra staff are normally recruited at peak times, experience in telecoms phone or technology sales can only help your chances, check out the excellent recruitment website from October onwards.
  • Pizza Express – One of the most successful of the UK Pizza restaurant chains, the menu goes far beyond just the basic Italian favourites. They usually have a number of seasonal vacancies typically for waiting staff and chefs. The website holds lots of useful recruitment details as well as the current permanent and temporary vacancies.
  • Post Office – One of the biggest retailers in Europe, they do use short term contract staff over the winter months, check out their recruitment portal for details of 2013 vacancies..
  • Royal Mail are one of the largest recruiters of temporary seasonal staff in the UK, you can usually find jobs anywhere there is a sorting office. Postmen and post women vacancies are also plentiful at Christmas time. The number of letters delivered doubles during December. There is usually an online recruitment test before you will be interviewed. Do a little research before you take the test!
  • Sainsburys – This retail chain is expected to have over 14,000 Christmas jobs in 2017. Most jobs are in-store but some opportunities are i distribution centres. Watch the recruitment website carefully and apply as soon as you see a n opportunity you would like to apply for.
  • Starbucks – Start checking their recruitment portal from October onwards. A successful short term appointment would make a significant impact on your chances of securing a permanent jobs. This is a firm able to offer employment opportunities from apprenticeship through to middle and senior management roles.
  • Tesco – If you are considering Christmas jobs Bromley with Tesco you should start checking the recruitment website from the start of October onwards. Most large branches will offer temporary short term contracts in several different retail areas.
  • Toysrus – If you have a branch near you they will almost certainly be increasing staff numbers in the run up to Christmas, it is after all their busiest time of year. Across they UK you can expect to see around 3,100 temporary vacancies to be filled.
  • Wetherspoon – Pubs and clubs are traditionally busiest in December and January, Weatherspoons is no exception. Most vacancies are in customer facing roles.

Christmas Jobs Bromley – Feedback & The Yourcounty Disclaimer

We aspire to publish relevant and up to date information regarding seasonal employers in the London Borough of Bromley on this page. We check our content regularly but if you find any errors on the Christmas job Bromley page please let us know. We welcome your feedback. If you’d like to recommend a local employer let us know. Please see our disclaimer.

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