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The City Arms Inn – Canterbury Pubs

Canterbury Pubs and Canterbury Lager

A quick endorsement for both the City Arms Inn and Canterbury Lager. Having been forced to seek shelter from the heatwave on Thursday afternoon, I drifted into Butchery Lane. One of the old cobbled pathways linking The Parade and Burgate in the centre of Canterbury. Ducking down behind the Jack Wills store I found myself standing outside of the City Arms, trying to remember why its name was so familiar to me. Then It struck me, this was one of the Canterbury pubs that made it onto Buster’s top ten Kent pub rankings.

Golding Hops!

Although Buster has his critics in the fields of music and fashion, his epicurean credentials are beyond compare, I went in. Passing the small external seating area I came across a pleasant wooded interior, not traditionally Kentish but inspired in that general direction. Looking for reliable and trusted names on the pumps I was surprised to find a selection of local craft beers. Many brewed locally with Kentish ingredients. Momentarily stunned by both the heat and the range of choice available I selected a lager. This literally goes against the grain as I am typically an ale drinker. Canterbury Lager visually fulfilled all the immediate prerequisites of a cool, light refreshing drink. However upon the first taste I was transported to a foreign land, the cliche’ of fizzy, mass produced, warm weather session lagers fell away. There was a taste here unrecognisable; cold and refreshing yes, pilsner grain yes but also hops, Goldings hops… (lengthy extended pretentious description removed by the editor, available on request)!

Big City Burger

This was simultaneously a light refreshing beer but one with the depth and quality of flavour associated with East Kent hop varieties. I have enjoyed lager before, particularly in warm weather environment, but this is a lager for all seasons. There is no need to stress that The City Arms is an emporium serving a range of quality food and drinks. IIRC Buster recommended the Big City Burger, still available here for under £10. A big city burger with a pint of Canterbury Lager will set you back less than £15. Perhaps an essential experience for Canterbury residents and visitors alike (vegetarian alternatives available). Lunch can be pre ordered, 01227 458081 between 11am-noon. No food orders after 4pm.

Canterbury Pubs

Canterbury is still a place with a wide range of, pubs, inns and bars catering for almost all tastes. Historic buildings are ten a penny in this area and good food and drink can be found elsewhere. However the nonintrusive attention and professional service offered by the knowledgable bar staff is second to none. It’s well worth a visit and my experience fully endorses Buster’s five star rating.

Canterbury Pubs City Arms Review
City Arms Inn Canterbury


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