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Welcome to the Yourcounty dumpling recipe, I hope you have some success with it. If you can improve it or wish to add your comments please do so. All the current suggestions are stored in our Recipe Directory.

Tried and tested delicious dumpling recipe below. If you're looking for different kinds of dumpling recipes check our top five links at the foot of the page, they include Chinese dumplings (Jiaozi) , Polish dumplings (piorogi) and Italian dumplings (gnocchi), all very different ideas and presentations on the basic dumpling theme. Dumpling is a pretty basic dish and as old as the hills.

This is an traditional suet recipe used in British households over many decades, it's hard to know why it's less popular today tha in former times. When you make dumplings as part of a stew you'll find they are nearly always enjoyed greatly by your guests.

English suet dumpling is well suited for inclusion in a warming stew, casserole or even faggots in gravy (f you produce enough gravy)! Please read the details carefully, check out the user feedback below for more tips and hints. We welcome your feedback but please take a look at the comments and notes below before you contact us.

If you're looking for a particular recipe you may find that many dumpling recipes are in fact international, for example Italian dumplings gnocchi are also known as ; ñoquisn, hoque, njoki in different countries.

Dumplings can be divided into about six broad categories but are known by literally hundreds of names including: palt, pitepalt, potetball, klubb, galuska, nokedli, knedlíky, varenyky, pelmeni, vushka, sugiyan, siomay, pangsit, takoyaki, boulette and last but not least gyōza.

Our traditional recipe is below, or you might prefer the easy to follow How To Make Dumpling Video. If you enjoyed this dish you might like to try faggots.

Dumpling Recipes

How To Make Dumplings

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes
Cooking Time: 20-30 Minutes

By Patricia

Want to know how to make dumplings? Dumplings can make a casserole or stew really tasty and they are so easy to make. Ideally they should be light and fluffy to compliment the meal. 

Ingredients: Serves 4

100g self raising flour
50g shredded suet
Half a teaspoon parsley
Half an onion finely chopped
Salt and pepper to taste
Cold water to mix

Cooking Instructions:

  1. Put all the ingredients into a mixing bowl add the cold water to form a soft dough.
  2. Divide the dough into 4 or 6 balls and place them into the stew or casserole 20-30 minutes before the meat and vegetables are cooked.
  3. If you wish to cook them separately put them into boiling water for 20-30 minutes.

Polish Dumplings

Poland is possibly the dumpling capital of Europe, we feature a link to a recipe below. A couple of notes for clarification. The most popular form of Polish dumpling is called perogi and the most celebrated type of perogi is Pierogi Ruskie but the many different recipes can be divided broadly into sweet and savoury. Sweet perogi are usually eaten as a dessert, There are however several other forms of dumplings in Polish cooking including:

  • Uszka
  • Kopytka
  • Kluski Na Parze
  • Kluski Kartoflane
  • Ziolowe Kluseczki

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Shelagh from Hampstead emailed to say:

"make them with cheese, cheese, cheese - works even with beef stew and dumplings..."

Steve says:

"If you're making dumplings for beef casserole, try a little grated horseradish!"